[UNDER INVESTIGATION] Gear loadouts shuffling

It seems to happen to me on heroes with at least one empty gear loadout. (Unfortunately, I never noticed if the spell part of the loadout was also empty.) This could just be a coincidence. But it is the only “event” that I have personally noticed.

Another thing I’ve noticed (again, coincidence?) is that if I have an empty loadout, and it switches places, it will generally switch back in a different session. If I fill the empty loadout before it switches back, it doesn’t seem to do the swap back.

I have had it happen to heroes with three unique loadouts used again this week.

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@Salty a bigger issue (maybe?) is that not only are load outs swapping via poltergeists… but random gear is magically being equipped into empty load outs. Spells too but spells doing this is not an issue since .35.

It’s like whack a mole. Honestly, seriously honestly… the easy fix is an unequip option. Random gear? I smite you with my unequip! My load outs screw with my ocd? Luckily I can manage this with unequip! (picture cape and tights)

Moral of the story is this is a bug we could live with if we could unequip our gear.


Never mind what I said about having at least one empty loadout. That is a dead end. Just had it happen on a hero with all three load outs in use.


For me it seems to happen when I’m swapping characters more often than just staying on my main that is highlighted on login screen.