[Fixed in 1.1.1] Heros change / swap / change position / order / places

I’ve had a discussion with people on discord about this in the past but it’s just happened to me again and I can’t seem to find it as a bug report.

Rarely but consistently My Heroes change the order that they are displayed in when I go to select Heroes. Most of them are in the same order but one of them will move to a different position.

This has been occurring the whole time I have been playing the game (6 months). As a frequency I would say it happens about every 3 to 4 weeks.

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Just happened to me again. My hero that was in 1st position on the swap hero tab has just moved to 2nd last position. (9/10)

I agree, this is still an ongoing issue.

And just to confirm, this isn’t just your currently equipped Hero moving to the front and then moving back into place when changing?

No, this appears to be some random type of shuffle - mine happened a while ago so now,
My current Hero - not Main - has been pushed to second to the end (from second) so every switch between my Main and Alt is now a sideways scroll for no good reason

Be nice to be able to reorder (even if it was just Main is first, 2nd most recent main is 2nd, 3rd most recent 3rd etc - and so you manually order them by setting them to Main in turn)


I’ve never seen this movement occur ever.

I now have 10 heros but first saw them change places when I only had 4 or 5. Strangely I had another one move on me today too. From position 1/10 to 8/10.

More info: The hero I created 1st is currently in position 9. The 2nd I created is currently in position 3. The 3rd I created is in position 8. The 4th I created is currently in position 4 and the 5th I created is currently in position 7. The 6th I created is currently 1st. As for the rest I can’t be sure the order I created them in but they are definitely not in order either.

I think they generally move down the list when they move but I can’t be sure about that. It could just be my bias that I notice more strongly they’ve moved when I have to scroll more to find the one I want.

I do swap heros many times a day for different tasks.

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Hello. I’ve had this problem as well, but I’ve never reported it since I thought this was an isolated case, and it wasn’t that big of a deal in my opinion. I noticed that this happens to me at least once every week (since a day after getting a game and when I had created more than one hero). That occurrence became irregular just a few weeks before Version 1.1 came out. After Version 1.1, I have not experienced anything like that since.

PS: I am playing the game on my iPhone, if that helps.

PPS: I spoke too soon. Just happened to me again. My Shaman character (who was the second hero before it moved) just got moved to the end of the hero selection menu. I think this happens more often if I make more heroes because I just made my Mercenary hero today, and the move happened hours after that. I also noticed that I do make a hero every week before 1.1, so that’s why the heroes swap roughly every week as well. Maybe there’s a connection there.

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UPDATE: My Berserker hero moved from second position to somewhere in the middle of a few other heroes. I haven’t made a character in a while, so maybe it’s not as connected as I thought it was, but I still think it usually happens when I make a new one.