Hero Selection/Swap issue in ver 2.0

I’m not fond of new hero selection screen, especially for in hunt/adventure/kingdom defense.

Previously aside from the homescreen hero selection where I have to sit through Hero animation, all other mode hero selection have a quick shortcut where I can swap heroes on the fly.

Now I am forced to sit through hero animation in all mode hero change which may not be much for 1 or 2 heroes, but if I have 6-7 heroes to rotate through, its a hassle, especially when I have different heroes tailored for different modes. Can we get the previous hero selection for different mode back where we can swap hero on the fly, or if there are ways to turn off the initial hero animation.


I second this. I change heroes a lot and having now to wait each time for the animation to finish makes it less comfortable than how it was previously.


Ok. this is already driving me nuts. I change heros pretty frequently too.

I’m guessing you are going to keep the animation so as a solution could we please have the overlay stuff appear immediately (selection, abilities, skins, etc) while the animation plays.

Secondly the list of heros is on the left and the select button is on the right. So I have to tap on both sides of the screen to change heros. I’m going to have a right hand bias and therefore suggest the heros get moved to the right hand side above the select button.

Details to show how often I change heros:

  1. I play mostly with the Palidin but because I have all it’s spells I use at legendary I open crates with another hero. So lots of hero changes back and forth as I open crates. This also applies to events. Do the fight with Paladin, then open crates with another hero.
  2. All my PVP setups and KD setup are in one paladin and all my other setups are in another Paladin hero. Not so bad if I do all the PVP in one go but I don’t always do it that way. I also have to change hero every time I do KD.
  3. I’m going for the ultimate spell being cast 5000 times with a Beserker at the moment. So any time I do a easy battle I change to the beserker.
  4. I quite enjoy the mercenary so I change to that sometimes too for the fun of it and I’m trying to make it stronger too.
  5. Swapping just for looking at something or to check something out.

I agree with all the above. I hate the new hero swap screen.


I just came here to complain about the new hero swap screen. I don’t care about the pretty animation, I want the functionally of the old interface. At least make it a toggle option somewhere, please!

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Dear devs, if you’re going to do anything in light of this feedback, at least do this.

This UI is already poor and sluggish enough with all your design decisions, why are you making it worse

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Same feeling with all the above. I don’t want to see the same animation 20 times a day.


Yes, hero selection is now so boring and in a way time consuming.

Put me in the no column for the new hero select in 2.0. It’s not game breaking for me, so low priority. But it really is annoying. As much as I sympathize with the animators and appreciate their hard word (It’s hard) I honestly do not play this game for the animations. They are just time wasting irritations to me. Because they are like gifs. Too short to mean anything. It’s fine in the battles. But please no in hero select.


I don’t like it either, pls change it back

Make it stop :sob: plea…ee…ee…ese make it stop or at least add a dancing bear or something :yum:

They are nice/interesting the first few times, then its just time I could better spend playing the game
At some point we have seen these enough
There should be an option (like battle speed) that you can toggle on/off

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It’s just endemic of the whole design ethos in this game. They don’t care that all the slooooow animations really take away pleasure from this game

But hey some project manager got their idea in and will get a bonus on some dumb usage metric I bet :roll_eyes:

Hey just wanted to jump in super quick, this was super briefly mentioned on stream that this feedback has been passed on.

Also added it as a QOL request recently as well to be sure. :sparkles: