More convenient hero swapping


I am having a lot of fun with the game, and I chose to level each class equally in sections. I often swap heros for different pvp and battle events.

I am not sure if I’m missing something in the UI but the game seems to require an awful lot of clicking/back tracking to swap a hero.

I think embedding “swap hero” into the level badge/name plate would be awesome. It would, of course, be ideal if the game returned you to the same area after the swap (eg, swap from pvp menu → reopen to pvp menu after swap.

It would also be great to have a “switch to” option in the info pop-up that says you started an event with another hero.



Great suggestion.

I live how the game rewards is for leveling up multiple heroes of different classes.

However, I often find myself looking at the current events or the daily challenges and thinking “I should do this event on Assassin” … But from the event (or daily challenges) screen it is a LOT of clicks to change heroes.

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I am definitely not getting used to it. And here I thought GoW was bad for clicky clicky…good grief.

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I agree, swapping heros is very inconvenient. Way too much menu navigation. Both of these suggestions are great!