“Wrong hero” warnings are confusing


When returning to a 3-day event or multi-day adventure, players are expected to resume playing with the same hero. It’s possible to switch the event over to the now-selected hero, but doing so is rather destructive: it resets progress without refunding the previous day’s energy. So, there’s a warning dialog.

The problem:

The dialog pairs a dire warning with an ambiguous question and generic button labels. Doing anything other than force-quitting the app is terrifying.

Ideal fix: avoid the need for a warning

  • When I return to an event, automatically select the hero I used to start the event, OR
  • Drop the rule that changing heroes resets progress.

Decent fix: follow best practices for warning dialogs

  • Replace “yes” and “no” with short verb phrases such as “reset progress” and “select [other hero]”.
  • Style the destructive button (reset progress) in red.
  • Consider using a vertical button layout to give more space for labels.
  • Consider adding a “Cancel” button.

Further reading:

To be honest, I have never found those questions ambiguous, confusing or misleading, I believe it is clear that pressing “Battle” or “Yes” will cause reset, while “Cancel” and “No” will take you back so that you can change the class. Or just click the x at the top right to go back (wouldn’t that be the cancel button you ask for?). But this is just a personal opinion.

I still do find some issues with this, such as forgetting which hero I was doing the event/adventure with and having to do yet another character swap. Also, it would be nice if there was a warning about not being able to change classes for new players, I believe too many players have discovered this feature the hard way.

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