[Reported] Wrong "character selection" intro animation shown for slots 8+

With the change of Patch 2.0, the animation of the active hero is displayed upon entering the “change character” screen. While this is quite annoying and time-consuming for those, who frequently change characters (sorry!), it also only works correctly for the first 7 character slots. For character slots 8+, entering the “change character” screen always selects the first hero on your account and shows its animation. This happens both on Steam as well as on Android.

  • To demonstrate this, I’ve selected my favorite warlock, Lady Luck. Please note that she is on character slot 9 / 9:

The same happens with Lazy Lizz (slot 8 / 9); on the other hand, it works fine with the first 7 character slots.

Thanks for sharing along with the screenshots, team is looking into it now!