[Previously reported] Kingdom Defense: switching characters does not refresh loadout names

I remembered another bug I’ve encountered, but could not find yesterday to report. Now I recall why: it requires the kingdom defense screen and an active battle :relaxed:

I quickly demonstrate this with Lazy Lizz. Please note the Loadouts in the KD screen:

Now changing to my favorite Paladin and looking at the Loadouts:

Leaving the screen and returning to the fight, the Loadouts list is finally refreshed:

Random side-note: From a development perspective, I humbly suggest refactoring parts of the code base, as a similar (the same?) problem was recently fixed in 1.4.5 for the Party Screen and should have cascaded to all other screens.

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This has been previously reported, so the team is aware and working on a fix!

Thanks for the reply! Sorry for re-reporting it - I must have missed it in the forum and known issues :frowning:

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