[Fixed in 1.5] Changing Loadout in Party screen has no effect

Platform, device version and operating system
Android 13

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened
Changing the Layout in the Party Screen changes the name of the layout. Starting the Battle reveals that the gear / spells were not changed.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Reproducible by repeating the following steps:

  • Have at least two Layouts with different Spells (to verify the change)
  • Switch to first Layout in Gear Screen
  • Go to Party Screen and create a Private Party, Select a random Dungeon / Difficulty
  • Switch Layout (bottom of Party Screen) to second Layout
  • Start Battle (solo or in group, does not matter)
  • Compare Spells to Layout 1 or Layout 2

Expected behavior: Spells should match Layout 2
Observed behavior: Spells match Layout 1

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I attached some screenshots to show the bug in more detail.

  1. Gear Loadout called “Empty”, which is … well … empty (41 GS, no spells)

  2. Gear Loadout called “Dwarven II” (905 GS, 4 spells)

  3. I switched back in the Gear screen to “Empty” and started a Party by myself. Note the bottom of the screen stating “Empty” as selected Gear/Spell Loadout and the enemy GS of 325 is displayed in red color as “hard”, as the Loadout provides a GS of 41.

  4. Changed the Layout to “Dwarven II”, which is displayed at the bottom of the screen. Please note that the enemy GS is still 325 and marked as red (remember: Dwarven II Loadout provides a GS of 905).

  5. After starting the battle, it is obvious that the Loadout “Empty” is used, regardless of the Loadout we selected in the party screen:

  6. After retreating from the battle, please note again the bottom of the screen, indicating that we indeed use the “Dwarven II” Loadout.

→ The Loadout Select in the Party Screen is bugged and - while it displays the names - it does not update the character layout.

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Another bug occurs when you change the Character in this screen: The dropdown list of Loadout is not refreshed and shows the Loadout names from the previous hero.

  1. I changed to the Paladin, which shows “Firewalker”, “Empty” and “Dwarven II” as Loadout.

  2. Wondering why a Paladin would equip Firewalker gear, let’s take a look at the Hero’s Inventory page (Gear screen). Please note that the Loadouts in the dropdown menu are different and - in this screen - correct:


I grabbed these earlier and shared them with the team! Thanks for these in-depth reports :sparkles:

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