[UNDER INVESTIGATION] Gear loadouts shuffling

Has anyone else noticed their loadouts shuffling around? I was sure that my dungeon loadout was in slot 1, but now it’s in slot 3?

No idea what’s causing it.

I see it happening a lot when switching characters. Every one of my characters have had all 3 of their slots shuffle between all 3 of the locations. Seems like almost every day where I need to click for daily PvP changes due to it shuffling.

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I can third that. And I also only noticed it when changing between characters. When I stay with a single character it does not happen.

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I’ve passed this on, thank you.

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Do the loadouts change between characters themselves, or just in positions in their respective characters’ slots?

Is any of the Gear/item sorting adjusting in the Vault as well, or just the loadout position?

Just loadout position on the same Hero.
The gears equipped on slot number 1 sometimes moved to number 2 or number 3, etc.
In my experience, it does not happen between Heroes on the same account.

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In positions in their respective characters’ slots, not between characters. Spells and gear both move together to the same new slot.

Does the Vault sorting change with each loadout? Not sure what you’re asking.

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Mine swap only within a character. I have noticed that if one character has swapped, all three of my characters have swapped, which is odd. Could be cooincidence (because I haven’t checked all 3 every time.)

Something that may be related (or not) is that I will also have gear pop into an empty loadout. This is gear I own, not something totally random. But gear I didn’t assign to the loadout.

I had the loadout swap happen early today, and then when I played again later it had swapped back. Just another level of weird to throw out there, haha.

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I’ve passed this info on, thanks for reporting back everyone.

Is this still happening in the latest update?

My post here was in the wrong thread, so instead on topic:

I noticed my loadouts had shuffled again yesterday, but I can’t be certain if it happened before or after the patch. I will continue to monitor.

I have not seen the loadouts shuffling in a while. There is still no unequip feature but the loadouts have not randlmoy done things on their own anymore.

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We are still investigating this issue, thank you for your patience.

I can confirm that it is still happening.

Same. Happened to me today. A first I thought I was just craycray then I read this post :joy:

I just had mine shuffle today as well. My main loadout moved from slot 2 to 3

I’ve flagged this again with the devs.

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Yeah, for a while this did not happen until today the main loadout moved around trashing the single color loadout that took over a week to salvage clear for restricted tourney. An unequip button together with the loadout would really help,


Even a just a “clear loadout” option, would be great. My guess is that those kinds of QOL things will eventually be a thing.

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Our team is currently investigating this issue. Any additional information on events that can cause this to happen more frequently would be greatly appreciated.