Gear Loadout display bug

What were you expecting to happen, and what actually happened
I noticed that gear loudouts are handled strangely in the new events screens. I’m pretty sure it’s just a display bug. Normally, when a player selects their loadout on any screen, that will stay as the active gear loadout for every type of battle until it is manually changed. However, when you change your loadout in the Citadel or Dungeon Event screens, the change appears to be reverted when you back out to the Events screen.

When did it begin happening?
As of this patch

Steps to make it happen again

  • Go to Battles → Events → Citadel or Dungeon Event with a given loadout (we’ll call it Loadout 1)
  • Change your loadout on the Citadel or Dungeon Event screen (We’ll call it Loadout 2)
  • Go back to the Event screen. Your loadout will revert back to Loadout 1 on this screen.

From here, if you go to other screens from the Battle screen (such as Daily Challenges), it will still show as Loadout 1, but if you start a battle then you will be using Loadout 2. If you back out to something like Story, PvP or the Hero → Gear screen, it will now show that Loadout 2 is equipped.