[MORE REPORTS PLEASE] Creating and swapping heroes caused weird things

Android 10, OnePlus 6

First time I created few new heroes (one for every class) and swapped between them all items in my inventory turned invisible and trying to start story with new hero crashed the game. It got magically fixed after few restarts though - although somehow I managed to land right in the middle of battle after third restart or so - that was pretty odd.

Now the game is mostly working again, but my Kingdom roster still displays different hero than the one I am actually using (it shows one of the new heroes I created instead of my main one).

Thanks for reporting. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?
Have you tried reinstalling @Litlakatla ?

My kingdom roster was displaying me as the level of my old (deleted) Beserker hero.

This occurred at the same time that both global and kingdom chat was also showing me as a Beserker even though I had no Beserker Hero and had just been playing as a lvl 31 Necromancer without changing classes.

Some screenshots and a short clip that were all taken at the same time.

Flikr Video :


1st restart did not solve the issue, phone restart did, has not happened since