Class, picture and level shown

The first Hero I made was a Paladin and that has been my main character. So clicking on me shows I am a level 50 Paladin. All good.

An example: When a guild member writes in chat the picture is Necromancer, when clicked on it shows Assassin level 9 and has been on level 9 for days.
The only way I can see that she/he is active is the collected crests and writing in chat.

So how does it work? If you make a Necromancer as your first hero, maybe play on it for a while, but then decides to play another class - how does the game decide which picture, class and level is shown when clicked on or in Kingdom roster?

It seems like you get stuck on a certain hero, whether it is the first created hero? It is mentioned in another post here, that his/her kevel 11 hero is shown in Kingdim roster and not his/her level 50.