Level and gender shown in Guild list should be highest level hero not top slot

Currently I have a level 21 male necromancer main and a level 11 female paladin alt (amongst some lower level other classes).

I don’t remember how but my paladin has ended up in the top slot of my Swap Hero List. I’m guessing I created a first try hero, then my necromancer in second slot, then deleted the first hero and created a paladin (which went into the empty first slot)?

On the Guild listing, I am listed as level 11 and a Baroness. I presume this is because my female paladin is in first slot.

I’m not particularly fussed whether it says I’m a Baron or a Baroness, but I think it should definitely show my highest character level.

As an example of why this is necessary, @Tacet and Dragon’s Peak have already set a level limit of 15 for their guild. If I wanted to leave my current guild and join theirs, I’m not sure how I could prove my current highest level (screenshots maybe?).

Please consider fixing this.

The problem is that I’m pretty sure it chooses your character name that you show to others based on your first hero.

Ideally account name and gender could be separate from your heroes.

I think it shows account name? It does for me, and certainly doesn’t show my paladin alt character name.

Just noticed another problem - there’s a bonus 5% Honor for the guildmember with the highest level character. That would be me if my main character was represented correctly! :frowning:

This appears to have been fixed in the latest update. Thanks devs! :smiley:

Edit: Not fixed. Just oddly laggy sometimes when I’m on my Paladin character sometimes it shows the Necromancer stats and gender (highest level hero ATM) and then on a subsequent visit to the Social screen, it “updates” to the Paladin stats and gender.