Update 0.39 (Patch Notes)

Update 0.39 Patch Notes
Ahoy, traveler - A new update has dawned on Etheria! Learn about the latest Update to Puzzle Quest 3: Update 0.39, Quest Pass. Read on to discover changes to the Battle Pass, new menu designs, and improvements to speed up animation sequences in the game.

The Battle Pass was not offering enough value. To help distinguish it from other game modes (especially Bounties and Goals), the Battle Pass has been reworked to include clear Tasks and the Rewards have been reviewed. The new Quest Pass features clear Daily, Weekly, and Epic tasks to complete within the game. We’ve adjusted the Premium Pass+ to give double the rewards.

  • The Battle Pass has been reworked and is now the Quest Pass. To distinguish the Quest Pass from other game-modes, Bounties have been removed from the game
  • The Quest Pass runs for 4 weeks, after which the Pass resets and a new Quest Pass begins
  • Complete Daily, Weekly, and Epic Quests (tasks) to earn Horns
    • Rewards are earned at every 100 Horns
    • Quests reset Daily and Weekly, with Epic Quests spanning the duration of the Quest Pass
  • Rewards have been improved
    • New Rune, Scroll, and Mark rewards have been added
    • Shards have been increased by one Tier of Rarity
    • Reward Levels have been increased from 30 to 50
  • Kingdom Crest rewards have been removed from the end of battle Rewards
  • Purchase Premium Pass+ to unlock double the rewards.

Battle Pass compensation:

The Quest Pass replaces the Battle Pass and Bounties. Rewards will be mailed for the uncompleted Battle Pass stages in the in-game mail, with double the rewards sent if you have purchased the Premium Pass+.

We’ve continued to update a number of menus and screens in the game to suit the new UI (user interface) style. Many things in the game have moved within the menu system or consolidated to streamline the information available.

  • The top (HUD) and bottom menu have been updated to consolidate Hero Stats, news, Chat, and Mail
  • Settings, Help-Center, Guide (Articles) and Quit are now accessed from the Hamburger (☰) icon in the top left-hand corner of the screen
  • HERO: Gear, Spells, and Story have been updated to the new UI style and are now accessed from the main Hero menu
    • Backgrounds change based on your Hero’s progress in the story
    • Hero Stats now display in the Gear/Spells sub-menus
  • QUEST: Added a “Quest” menu to access the new Quest Pass (formerly Battle Pass)
  • WORLD: The “Story” tab is now the “Dungeons” tab
  • TAVERN: The “Chests” tab is now the “Minions” tab
  • STORY: Continue the latest part of the Story by selecting “FIGHT” from the Hero menu. The latest conversations will be skipped

As Gear Loadouts are visible all at once, some menus and icons may appear smaller. In the next update, we would like to introduce the World-Map back into the menus to show progress throughout the story mode and see your battle rewards.

Alongside a number of small changes to update the UI, we have improved the rewards sequences in the game to be more efficient. This change is intended to help speed up parts of the game that were not flowing.

  • Battle Prompts - Actions such as destroying Gems and gaining Status Effects are now indicated with a text pop-up in battle. These can be Enabled/Disabled via the Settings menu
  • “Stars” are a visual indication of your progress in increasing to a higher Tier of Chest. Earning more Stars will indicate a higher rarity of Chests at the end of battle
    • The last enemy in a battle will not drop a Star
  • Reward animations have been split into Battle and Chest Rewards and have both been reworked with a faster sequence
  • Minions can now be used to Open Chests from the same screen
  • The end of the battle sequence is faster, making it easier to collect rewards

We have adjusted the difficulty, balance, and tuning throughout Update 0.38. This update introduces some changes to the amount and type of rewards earned to help balance them across the game.

  • The cost to Upgrade Followers has been reduced by 40% between levels 1-15
    • Followers of levels 1-5 are at about 50% of the current food cost to level up
    • Followers of levels 5-15 are at about 75% of their current food cost to level up
  • Quest Rewards - Random Shards replace Keys for completing parts of the Story
    • Shards improve in quality and amount when progressing through the story
  • Dungeons now have 5 instead of 6 Enemies. The Altar will appear before the Boss & Mini-Boss
    • This change is intended to help shorten Dungeon battle times

  • Shop packs that have a single item, such as Relics (in Daily Deals) now show extra descriptions about their purpose
  • New loading screen tooltips added
  • Gear Loadouts can be accessed from Tourneys and Events

  • Fixed an issue that can occur when opening chests when having the exact amount of currency required
  • Fixed an issue where Vitality in Event battles is reduced after swapping to a different Hero, even if during the preceding battle no health was lost.
  • Fixed an issue where Bloodfang Shield had the wrong unique ability. It should give a chance to Freeze the enemy when blocking, rather than gaining Ice Resistance from blue gems
  • Fixed the bug where resources could go into negative total after upgrading a weapon level and rarity.
  • Battle doesn’t end in PVP when the enemy has lost all life points. The game hangs on-screen, locking the game. Meaning players had to force close as they were unable to retreat.
  • Changing your Gear/build between Event Dungeon battles does not increase your max health.
  • Various Live Event effects that have a percentage chance to trigger, were always triggering.
  • Error message when attempting to send a Minion to open a Chest.

  • Incorrect Bundle names and descriptions are displayed for Epic Spells in Bundles
  • Missing graphic when selecting the Shop from the Events menu
  • Some text overlaps when viewing Spell icons
  • Selecting Gear or Spell after exiting the Mail tab is unresponsive
    • Resolved in 0.40
  • Warlord’s Mask’s (rare) passive ability turns Shield Gem into 1 Big Gem instead of transforming standard Gems.

Interested to try the changes, especially the UI


What in the wide world of sports prompted this part? For months and months all feedback has said there is too much food and not enough sink.


The timer on your graphic of the Quest Pass as well as the actual in-game Quest Pass is 21 days; that’s three weeks, not four.

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When will they be mailed?


The distinguishing thing about the Battle Pass (now Quest Pass) as opposed to Bounties is that it currently exists in the game. Bounties apparently do not.

@Cyrup is this the long awaited Kingdom update? Zero Crests for everyone! :thinking:

EDIT: Apparently the notes have now been updated:

I just got kingdom Crests from completing a Daily Challenge Dungeon. Any chance on seeing a list of how Kingdom Crests are earned now?

So far this is what I’ve tracked:

  • Dungeon - 8 Crests
  • Skirmish - 5 Crests
  • PvP - 2 Crests
  • Event Battles - 3 Crests

So far for me, these effects work until the first dungeon alter appears, then they stop working as well as floating damage numbers.

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Are the amount of stars earned random? Or is there some variable based on performance? I’ve gotten variable amounts that seem unrelated to how I killed the enemy.

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I want to know this as well because I didn’t get any of the uncollected or unreached Rewards that I should have received. And I had Battle Pass Plus so I should receive double of all those Rewards.

Why is it that every time a new update is released and there are nerfs to gear, it somehow never makes it into the update notes?? Is it laziness or deceit?

It would have taken 10 seconds to call out the fact that Runic Rings were nerfed.



Runic rings are now 2/3/4/5 Mana gained to your Ultimate spell when matching a big gem

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Anytime I restart the game it says “about to download 0.89 MB of Data. Please be aware of data limits.” I wonder what I needs to redownload each restart. Also now social is giving a continual back handshake restart along with download above.

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So with the Kingdom Crest changes, it now appears that you get 8 crests for completing a dungeon regardless of how easy it is. So anyone with the time to farm dozens and dozens of super easy dungeons can get a shit-ton of crests.

Which I guess isn’t a “problem” but probably is not what is intended.

EDIT: After some testing (why should that even be required?)… I can find no consistency in how crests are awarded. At least with the limited examples I had. Dungeons seemed to always award 8 crests regardless of Daily Challenge or Random. But Skirmish varied every time. Some were 2, some were 3, some were 5 with seemingly no rhyme or reason.

:cry: I have leveled 4 rings:
Epic, Runic ring level 26
Rare, Runic ring level 21
Rare, Night band level 19 (only useful for assassin)
Rare, Bone Ring level 15
all the others are 5 or less.
Time to start new plans again and decide if I should salvage all the 6 runic rings I have been keeping in my inventory unleveled at the expense of other items.

I would still like to see an inventory increase in size too.

hi all, did you receive the compensation for the battle pass? I did not receive anything while I still had rewards…
500 lost crowns! ?
and now game is broken …error Unity Engine …

This quest cannot be advanced by loot ticket crafts from Mutiny or shard crafts from Grungli. Working ok for Toragon, Gemka, Soulchaser, Xione, and Jocea. Refuse to check Darkhunter.


@hbellis17 @Nicky Regarding the mailed rewards…

I’m wondering if the plan is to mail them at the end of the current quest pass. Or at least to wait a bit on it. The reason I’m thinking this is because of the part about getting double rewards if you bought the +pass. Maybe they want to give people the “chance” to buy that? I’m just guessing here. But that’s what we do here. We read incomplete details about changes, and then we are left to guess how the rest of it works. :expressionless:

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Few things from me:

Minions can now be used to Open Chests from the same screen

The time colour is barely visible on most backgrounds. And scrolling throug minions here is a big pain… Secnd thing - how are the minions sorted in here? My guess - it is by time. So we cannot sort by key chance anymore?

The end of the battle sequence is faster, making it easier to collect rewards

Very nice, and I like the new Victory screen - however for PVP tourney battle summary - it does not show the score you got in the fight.

  • WORLD: The “Story” tab is now the “Dungeons” tab

This is not really intuitive, you know. New players would just go for story from the Hero tab now, missing most of it, unless you changed tutorial to reflect it very nicely.

Update: It is not:

I can only replay last dungeon. Where is the map with story progress?

  • Quest Rewards - Random Shards replace Keys for completing parts of the Story
    • Shards improve in quality and amount when progressing through the story

It works for your secondary charactes and such, but I am not sure it makes sense for new players - with their first character… They do not have big ammount of keys stored already or have minions to open chests. And I believe that to make people pay for keys - you need to first get them into wanting to open chests.

+1 to bug in crafting quest. Why Mutiny and Grungi do not count?

+1 to making food useles even faster now :smiley:

and to the UI - we will get used to the new look. I personally like the bottom bar, but some screens now became too crowded. The gear screen now hurts everything is so small and packed, then you go to the shop and everything is so big. It really hurts my eyes.


Uhhhhh… Not true. We call this a lie.


Personally thinking that we are joining this Quest Pass, already in progress, at the end of the first week of that pass.

Credit, Lyranica on this one.

The task credit is very likely tied to advancement of the Progress → Followers → Craft “xxx” achievement. That achievement, which counts crafts by followers, explicitly states that only “Weapons, Armor, Spells, or Minions” crafted counts for advancing the achievement.

That lines up perfectly with your observation on this subject.

That’s a good laugh I needed today. :slight_smile:


Does anyone have a listing of what the rewards are for the new Quest Pass yet?