Update 1.4.5 Adventure Patch Notes

I liked this version better because I enjoyed the fact that as long as I didn’t die I could catch them all. I understand how some people might like the I make a choice path so now there are consequences, but I am the type of person that I have to get all the rewards.

I still think it had that chance or consequence of failure (dying and having to come back the next day) but I like the no energy version better.

Now that we are seeing a gap already in Adventure availability, is there an estimate of Adventure mode uptime? in other words, will there be an active adventure 50% of the time? 25% of the time?


The goal is to have an Adventure available most of the time, but I don’t have more specifics on exactly how often that is though currently.

There will be a countdown to the next Adventure, but if we are in the process of queuing up future Adventures, you may see a blank screen stating there is ‘No Adventures Available’


With Adventure mode being a new system, we are still setting up future Adventures.


From AIlile:

Old/Outdated Adventure (the one that should have been running the last few days)?

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@Lyrian a fix got pushed for this earlier, can you see if Allie is still experiencing this?

I had the proper Adventure load up today. I’ll ask her / check her account momentarily.

EDIT: Sneaked a peak on her account. Looks good on her end now. :+1:

Experienced the unusual Server Error (SE) message this evening: