Update 3.0 Patch Notes (+3.0.1 hotfix)

We lost another one of our best players just now. He was a beloved and charismatic leader on Global, always willing to answer questions for the newbies and encourage everyone else. He is a significant loss to your player base. How many more before you respond?


A big shock and a sad loss both for the community and the game indeed :frowning_face:


The Big Gem → Heroic Gem conversion bug is back.

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Can someone explain to me these two lines?
What exactly is the benefit of using the variants?

I have only one variant item and it doesn’t seem any different from the original.

At the moment, both effects are present on fae touched gear. The variant buff is there, but invisible to the player, outside of an examination of the in-battle stat sheet that shows that th3 variant buff is in effect when it triggers.

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If you click the arrow on the right side of the item, it will eventually pop up for you to see. The fae touched gear has all the original gear’s powers, but also fae touched, so its an improved version of pre-xisting gear.


Thanks for pointing this out to me!

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On that note, the display of the Fae-Touched effect is visually incorrect.

Issue is purely visual. Reasonably sure that the actual calculations in-game are correct.

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are you pointing out how it says 1% despite you having 2 equipped? or the fae touch butterfly VFX?

making sure I am understanding what you are calling out

Since you are here @Jeto just a quick question. As far as I see, the lack of communication from the developers, including no news or indications of when a statement might be made, is causing increasing concern within the community. We understand that resolving issues can take time, but a preliminary acknowledgement of the situation and an estimated timeline for when these concerns might be addressed would be awesome. Thanks for your efforts by the way, we are lucky to have you.

Depends on what the context of the displayed effect message is supposed to be?

Could be:

  1. Gain [rarity] % Power or each positive status effect… (standard pre-3.0 Gear effect language)

if the message is meant to be displayed per Gear piece. (which would then vary based upon the Rarity of each Gear piece, as that would affect the percentage bonus awarded by each qualifying Fae-Touched Gear piece equipped.)

However, there is the new language of “X Number Equipped”, which suggests that the intended display may be the cumulative effect of all the qualifying Fae-Touched Gear pieces equipped, which would read as:

  1. Gain [total cumulative bonus of effect] Power for each positive status effect…

It is intended to be “1% power… per fae-touched gear equipped” so you have 2 equipped going off the screenshot so it would be 2%, with a max of 6% increase as you can only equip 6 fae-touched items.

But passed onto the team that this reads a bit confusingly

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not really sure what you are referring to specifically in regard to “the situation”

As all bugs reported so far have had comments from me, or should have had their title changed already, and as soon as there is a fix their reported tag will be changed to “Fixed in 3.X”
If there is any I’ve missed, I’ll happily take another look.

If you are referring to Gear rework feedback, as much as possible I have already shared, including what little I can share about further changes coming in 3.1 and 3.2
This would also apply to any questions about Gear rework compensation, as at this stage I do not have anything further to add or share that I haven’t already.

As always if there is more information, I will share it as soon as I have it, but as for “communication from the developers” you are looking at it - it’s me.


Gear Rarity does not affect the Fae-Touched stat buff then? (Fae-Touched Rare = Fae-Touched Mythic?)

Also… technically there are 7 pieces: 6 for the Dreamhold Set pieces + 1 for the Amulet of the First.

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Are you sure the limit is 6 percent? I only ask because the first amulet can also be fae touched, so wouldn’t that be 7 percent (6 piece fae touched dreamhold and fae touched amulet of the first), or does it cap at 6 percent?

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Yeah, right. Thanks. I was referring Gear rework feedback and further changes coming in 3.1 and 3.2. Thank you.

I misread a post from someone in the team and there was a little miscommunication over this side.

Edit: this went back and forth and is intended So, there shouldn’t be Fae Touched Amulet of the First… very cool, reported to the team, can’t believe I missed that.
Once I get more information on how that is going to be dealt with, I might make a new thread.

As for gear rarity, it does not affect the Fae/variant buffs, that is a flat bonus per item.

The Dreamhold set is a set of 6, so the limit is 6 pieces > 6%
Edit: There will be a cap of 6 variant items for the bonus increase and this will have an actual display in 3.1 or 3.0.1, I believe

However, upon further discussion with the team, it looks like there is a “bug” where two fae-touched rings can be equipped for extra bonus.
So for now, you could have all Dreamhold fae gear, including 2 rings and the Amulet and get 8% increase.


Any word on what’s on the new 1.11 patch today?

Thanks for the clarification, Jeto.

Though, that really ends up really being a poor bonus overall and not worth pursuing. A shame. Oh well, that’s the way cookie crumbles sometimes.

Question from Ailile: She pulled a Mythic Amulet of the First today (I’m jelly), and it does not appear to be counted as Season gear for Season Goals. Intended?

Not intended, still following that up with the team

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