45 Days Later ... Relic drop rates are absurdly low regardless what happens in 0.36

Since you have all the information, feel free to illuminate the issue. I look forward to the thread.

I’m still waiting on independent verification from Lyranica on the changes I asked her to verify today (to confirm that my findings are not some weird bug that is only affecting me), which should happen tonight, before possibly commenting on the changes I found. However, as I have a certification examination at 8 AM tomorrow morning and then a full work day afterwards, don’t expect any threads from me on the changes anytime soon.

I don’t really follow this. You’ll forgive me if I just can’t keep up with the shifting landscape of your commentary.

Last comment of the night from me.

Why do I even bother responding back to you?

That would be because I am still trying to determine if the observations I am observing should be classified as a bug report or feedback for discussion. Doing so generally requires independent observation to verify or debunk hypotheses.

After tonight’s discussions, Lyranica suggests at least one more night’s worth of observations on her end before she can say that she has verified what I wanted her to test. Of course, by then, 0.36 may be out and these observations may be part of the update notes. That said, we did not find anything that disproved my observations tonight. She just wants to see additional confirming data, which is entirely understandable.

One point, which I will go out on a limb and say is probably a thing that has happened is that certain crafters received significant boosts to their production quality. The scope of crafters and amount of the boost requires additional data to verify. I’m suspicious the crafters that received the boost are the ones that produce upgradable things (gear/spells/minions), while the other crafters were left untouched. This is just an educated guess interpreting where the data seems to be pointing right now on this topic.

And with that, I’m out for the night. Do what you want with information, or not.

Well that certainly would be interesting, although it’s doubtful you could have reasonable precision in your results after 2 days of data collection. I have about 1+ month of collection data that I have been performing for Upgradable Gear Crafters + Mutiny. I’ll be interested in comparing results!

If the crafts are for keys, armor, weapons, accessories or tickets… mine have all tanked since the mini update. Not saying they were nerfed. Random gonna random, but that goes both ways.

I have gotten 3 wooden keys from lvl48 Eveline since that update, and zero throughout the rest of 0.35


Given the acrimony that have been stirred in this thread in response to a legitimate issue (Relics as implemented in 0.35), I thought I would put a capstone on this commentary with some reflections as a result of the 0.36 Update (surprisingly, they are mostly positive!)

As addressed previously, my main concern (beyond the patch note delivery) was that with the number of relic types introduced (60!) and the amount required to evolve items (4 every rarity beyond Uncommon!), whatever systems were introduced in 0.36 would be inadequate to allow players to reasonably over time evolve gear. Thankfully, the developers clearly understood the same issue and put in a much needed change:

This is pretty big! I want to be very clear throated here: This is a good change and I think goes a long way to mitigating the issue. I understand that Glyphs will still be a sore point, but I’ve always assumed these were going to be costly and rare and we will see what changes are in store down the line. But as it pertains to Relics, this change is good to see. One concern I continue to have on evolves: the midrange runes/scrolls, particularly the epic rarities are hard to target and at the rate that they are collected could very well end up being more of a challenge to collect than the Relics for desired evolves over time. Better ways to target specific rarities without having to do lesser level content would be good; the ability to use higher rarity versions of the same runes/scrolls for equal or lower rarities I think would be better.

What about the concern that Relics would be locked behind a “drip” system and there would be no way to acquire them outside of that system which would render doing non-event content less rewarding? Indirectly, I think they took a good step to addressing that as well. I had originally assumed when they confirmed that Relics would show up in Daily Deals that they would be priced in gems/crowns currency only. Given the “conversion rates” previously calculated I was not optimistic about the gems prices. However, much to my surprise, the majority of Relic offers in the Daily Deals so far seem to be denominated in gold and at reasonable values per rarity. Given that gold is an infinitely farmable resource, this goes part way to addressing this concern; the ability to “farm” for Relics outside the event system. Is it ideal? No; I still think rates on relics should be increased from Dungeon completions as a way to be more targetable (especially in light of the changes to “Difficulty”). But I appreciate this approach and helps to not only provide additional Relics from “farming” (non-Event/Challenge play) but also provides a reasonable use for gold which was absent pre-0.36.

There are many other issues that 0.36 has brought about that need to be addressed, but for this specific issue I would like to acknowledge the changes that were made as a positive step.


O hai! Time to open 1000 more chests to test this new rate! :crazy_face: