Open discussion on evolution viability

So with the new updates just wanted to get everyone’s opinion on if evolving is viable now or is it even less viable. While I’m glad the duplicates are gone it seems now we have an even more difficult hurdle to overcome with relics being almost non existent as a drop considering I’ve done the same dungeon 20 times and have opened all manner of chest and have yet to see 1 relic.

Ignoring relics entirely, it is around 3x harder to upgrade equipment due to how glyphs are changed to be even worse than they were before.

I’m not at the point that I’m using glyphs just yet lvl 39 and so far I have never gotten an epic from chests. I have VIP and Battle pass plus. But even just getting my few greens to blues is proving impossible can only imagine the struggle to purple.

The new system has great potential, and would work excellently, if only relics and glyphs actually dropped from battles. A 0.1% scavenge drop rate does not reflect the rates needed for people to be motivated to try to evolve things.

That said I think things are definitely on the right track. The system needed a massive overhaul before; it’s now gotten that, and now all it needs is a few tweaks.

As an aside, I really do think that the Wallet UI needs to be reworked. Get it down to the minimum common resources players spend on things, then move shards, glyphs, and relics to a menu in the Tavern. Imagine if in Gems of War the counts of all your Traitstones were on the world map; that’s not really necessary and only serves to clutter things up, it’s better placed in a dedicated screen somewhere else in the UI.


So I agree with you that being said the only way there going to fix this there go iij ng to have to come out with a follower just for Relics. Or a new game mode Explorer! The hunt for relics ethor with your character or send a minion on a quest to dig as an example.

The thing that bothers me looking forward is that even when this “primary” way of making relics available is introduced, I suspect they will still not be in abundance. With 15 different dungeons, that is plenty of constraint on the accumulation of relics without adding rarity to the mix (leading to 60 total currencies). Hopefully they will reconsider and just have 1 Relic per dungeon that can be used at any rarity, perhaps incrementing the Relic count by 1 needed for each successive rarity.

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Or perhaps add in (yet another) resource currency (perhaps per dungeon) that is a wildcard resource that you collect and combine to make higher rarity as needed - Think mini-glyph widgets - (1 = common, 5 uncommon, 10 epic etc)

That way you can grind slowly or get lucky drops or even upgrade medium drops to higher rarity
And if the system was built in the right way it could be useful not matter what stage of the game (early, mid or late) the player was in