Evolving Gear and Spells

Can someone clarify whether you can evolve gear and spells to legendary with Glyths only?

I did read a while ago that you can keep duplicate cards and evolve them if so is this correct?

I just seem to be stuck on level 35 for gear and spells.


Very early in the Early Access period (March-April 2021), the evolution system used duplicates of the same rarity to do evolves. However, that system was scrapped and the current system with relics/glyphs was instituted (glyphs did exist before but as a single item used for very high rarity evolves).
Evolving items to Epic is pretty doable for most players at a pretty fast rate. After that it slows down very much due to the need for Glyphs and Tier III Relics. For Glyphs, doing events regularly will build up marks, specifically Diamond Marks. For Tier III Relics, you can use gems and crystals to craft Tier III Relics. Its slow but doable.

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Thanks Sibelios.

That makes sense now. I am used to playing gems of war which used duplicate cards. But i am getting stuck with upgrading past level 35.

One other question i am trying to some of your builds. Is it important to use the right gear with the right colour to match your spells. For instance i am using all Blue for necromancer but then my gear is all of different colours.

Thanks again really appreciate all of the help you give through this forum and Discord.


So I would say having gear that is color-aligned with your spells certainly has advantages (e.g. improved mana gain, increased spell/mana damage), however I would not make it a priority but rather a longer-termed goal. Have the right gear pieces with the best gear abilities and bonuses will go a lot further in the near-term than having less good pieces but in the right color. Fishing for the right piece in the right color takes a lot of time.

Put another way: better to have good epic gear with the right pieces/bonuses, than worrying about color. Now when you are choosing to upgrade stuff to legendary, and lets say you have settled on Blue builds as your favorite, then certainly given the rarity of those evolve resources, you might try your best to find that good blue item.

Perfect thank you. I’m level 50 and this information shows that i haven’t completed figured out the game!