What does a glyph do?

I got a glyph for the first time, buying with storyline gems from the daily shop, and was curious what exactly it does.

The description says “A very rare upgrade material, used to evolve gear, spells, minions, and followers to legendary and beyond.”

Based on this description, it seems to be very similar to a small blue orb in Gems of War, except around 5x more expensive.

Similar to Gems of War, its main use would likely be to ascend legendary things to mythic. This potentially would bypass the need for the 4 runes/scrolls nor the extra 2 material, potentially saving 6 components.

If this is what it does, it likely would never want to be used on epic to legend due to the lower value. It likely also wouldn’t want to be used on followers due to them already having a 2 piece lower requirement than every other upgradeable thing.

This would make it so getting 5 of these would likely be a good idea and save them for when the game even attempts to be balanced. It likely would be used for 4 spells and 1 weapon to get the legend variant of each to mythic, as these are likely to gain the biggest benefit from being upgraded.

I believe you are overthinking this one.

So far, the text on the all of the evolution items I have encountered have been correct from a literal reading perspective.

Looking at the text you have provided (which matches the description on Glyphs in the player’s Wallet exactly), Glyphs are likely the highest rarity evolution material. In that sense, Glyphs are not similar to ascension orbs (Fluxes are sort of similar to these as wildcard dupes of things), but are more likely equivalent to a Heart of Rage or one of the Major Arcana Tarot series cards.

It says followers too though. Followers don’t use any such material.

Does anyone has a follower at Epic 40 to test this for a Legendary ascension? I don’t think anyone has a follower that high yet?

Level 30 highest so far. Eveline takes yellow and guard takes blue.

Still working on my 20s since I didn’t all in rush eveline+guard combo and distributed mine instead.

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What are the amounts of materials required for this? Is it just one or is it multiple of the same color material?

4 epic scrolls of a specific color. It is currently unknown what color around 80% of followers are though and there is no in game indicator until they are level 30.

Looks like glyphs do act similar to that.

2 glyphs are needed to get any follower, gear, spell, or pet to legendary.

4(?) glyphs are needed to get any of those to mythic, for a likely total of 6.

This is of course on top of the 2 extra copies, having it leveled, the 4 runes/scrolls, and the gold.

This essentially means players can never upgrade anything except followers to legendary or above in the current state of the game, since they have much higher priority and will all require it.

Player would need around 30+ glyphs before it is viable to start using them on non-followers, possibly even more.

At least for weapons, glyphs do not replace runes. They are an additional requirement:

Hmm so to upgrade Epic to Legendary, the duplicates needed are Rares?
I see blue items there, not purple.
If that’s correct, then it’s quite interesting. :slight_smile:

@Lelouch if that is truly the case, it may be because of the high probability of most players never running into two epics of the exact same weapon. If we are looking at top players who have between 200 and 600 hours of playtime and they barely have any epics, let alone duplicates, it means no-one is evolving epic to legendary anytime soon.

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Don’t know if that’s not just a graph glitch with rare items needed to upgrade to purple cause it’s counting my purple extras as those blues.

On other hands Glyphs really make evolving above epic impossible at last for me. Didn’t get any of them and there is a lot of opened of lvl 100 chests past me

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For evolving Follower from Epic to Legendary, I can confirm that only 1 glyph is required.
The full cost:
4 Legendary Scrolls with specific color + 1 Glyph + 20000 coins.

So it’s kinda interesting that the cost is different from evolving a weapon for example.

Duplicates needed are definitely purple epics. I think it’s just bad UI that it’s coloured blue. However, the graphic is of an epic twinblade (the rare twinblade has a graphic that looks quite different).

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