Spell Glyphs on Quest Pass - polite request

Any chance we could have these as (premium) rewards on Quest Pass?

They’re the only Glyph that now has any real worth (I’m ignoring you Minion Glyph😒) yet strangely they’re the only Glyph not included on Quest Pass.


Don’t ignore Minion glyphs so much, looking at the spell and gear reworks we it may be a good idea to start gathering minion glyphs to get at least 1 minion to lvl 50 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

“Jokes” aside (seriously, I recommend everyone to start saving minion glyphs), I agree that having minion glyphs in the quest pass would be great, specially for veteran players with all lvl 50 battle scrolls.


Ah therefor we get spell shards, we need them much more … especially after spell upgrade.
And epic relics … needed much too.
Not to say gold, most needed of all, nearly impossible to get it other way …
(sarcasm off)

There is a lot of plans to rework a number of things, such as the Passes, now the spell and gear rework have been released!