Glyph recycling

@Jeto I read somewhere on this forum that there will be some sort of glyph recycling, but I can’t find the post. Can you post me a link please?


Glypg crafting would be nice too

… I do not recall off the top of my head, any mention from me or another dev “Glyph Recycling”?

I know some assets have been used in the Adventures that used to be in PQ3 in Early Access :thinking:

Something, something, Legendary Fluxes. Have to admit that it brought a smile to my face to see those resurrected from the idea graveyard. :grin:

I kinda sorta remember a comment waaaaaay back in the day about something like that. I think you said you would pass the idea along as a QoL feedback idea regarding additional ways to increase accessibility of Glyphs for players and left it at that, which would be a absolutely normal CX thing for you to say.

Though, if we are on the topic of Glyph accessibility, it is nice that a second Armor Glyph per week was added via the PvP Shop. Though, building a character with these extra Glyphs is a bit awkward as Armor Glyphs only cover half of the items on a given character’s gear loadout screen. The Accessory side of the gear loadout screen needs some Accessory Glyph assistance, too.

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Recycling as in, using them to create a different Glyph - something in the style of using a follower?
Which is an idea I would have passed on… or just generally sharing the feedback that players want more ways to earn Glyphs and T4 relics

General feedback for Glyph accessibilty, I believe.

There’s been a bunch of ideas tossed around over time on the forums, such as receiving glyph shards from salvaging legendary gear drops/crafts and then forging specific Glyphs from those shards, and/or adding the ability to craft them to followers either through those shards or directly from those followers.

There’s no way you would have said anything directly on something like that unless without approval from the producers first, which to my knowledge has never happened to date.

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I do not remember reading anything about “Glyph recycling” from you, just what @Lyrian said about passing on general player feedback asking for better Glyph accessibility.

That’s the sort of thing I meant. Personally, I’ll never use a minion glyph, as it’s a waste of scrolls and relics, so they’re just sat there gathering dust. I currently have 8, all from the random weekly glyph. I know gold is very easy to get back, but it’s still 240k down the toilet.

If there was a way to convert 2 unwanted glyphs into 1 useful one, as Eveline can with mythic relics, that would be great.

On a similar(ish) note, have you ever though about giving the ability to downgrade runes? For example, from mythic poison to legendary poison? Or using four runes - one of each type - to make another (ice + fire + light + dark = poison)?

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I would like to use surplus follower crystals (the ones which has no other function) e.g. Elyra, Auri or Jocea to convert them to glyphs…


I think everyone agrees that there is a lot of material that is no longer of any use, if we are not given the possibility of direct recycling for our own benefit then some type of recycling depot in the kingdom that would provide some ingots or any other solution would be welcome. Of course there will always be someone who thinks another solution would be better but no solution is always worse.


Having resources with objective 0 value is never a nice thing. We are not only taking about having hundreds or thousands of resources we have no effective way of spending, which is also frustrating, but also having resources that have no function anymore (i.e. crystals from certain followers after they are at lvl 50). It would be great to have a way to be able to convert them into other more usable resources, even with a low conversion rate (10 crystals for 1) or giving low value resources in exchange (food, ore…).


Why not just have Eveline convert 2 unwanted to 1 that you do want when you get her to level 50, making it actually worthwhile leveling her up?

Or, trade the glyph with the relevant follower that crafts related items (Toragon/Xione/Gemka/Soulchaser/Jocea) for a random legendary item from their loot pool.

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That is good if it is guaranteed legendary, but most people has shortage of glyphs, not surplus. (Maybe sometimes surplus minion glyphs, but definitely not weapon…)

Agreed, I’d only use it for minion glyphs, but you’d have to add the feature for all 5 glyphs/followers for consistency.

I have a radical idea for glyphs using aether to craft grafts at high end of the followers for each part of the gear and spell pages but only the glyphs for each one of them respectfully for instance toragon can only craft armor glyphs it would still make the glyphs very rare but make it only slightly easier to get them

almost forgot one of the glyphs the minion glyphs that would be best placed on the high end of the stable master follower

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