Glyphs Algorithm is Messed up

The last 6 random glyphs in a row bought were all minion glyphs, since there are 5 different glyphs, there’s gotta be something funky with the algorithm on this, right?


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Assuming that each glyph has equal probability, then the probability of getting the same glyph 6 out of 6 times is 0.2^6 = 0.000064

I’ve also noticed some curious outcomes elsewhere too.

I expect that the glyphs chances are weighted (e.g. Weapon least likely)
Don’t have any official information, this is just based on the fact that the cost for each type are different for each type

Hey all,

When purchasing a random Glyph from the Shop, they all have an equal chance to drop. So between Spell, Minion, Accessory, Armor and Weapon Glyphs all share the same chance.

To clarify, @CaptainValdiaBlack you purchased these Glyphs from the Shop?

That is correct! Thanks for your help.

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I also purchased a glyph with gems during that timeframe and received a minion glyph

I also purchased 5 or so glyphs from the store with crowns from a VIP pack, all together (increase amount to x with the number scroll in the bottom), and they all came out the same.

I do think it’s a possible bug, given how statistically improbable this should be @Jeto , especially for two separate players in a few days range.

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