AI is blatantly cheating

I love this game, I know free games live on micro transactions, But I am genuinely thinking about spending $ because I love the game that much, The only thing I hate is the AI is so obviously set to make us lose it hurts. I made the best character I have seen yet, But every single time I win 2 matches in a row, my color stops spawning all together for 6 matches straight, then “suddenly” after 6 straight loses, half the board is my color.

Kingdom Defence is ABSOLUTELY rigged in the dragon’s favour. The amount of enemy mana that drops is a joke. It gets worse with every update too.

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I’m not saying in any way that you are incorrect, there may be weightings behind what appears on the board but I did just want to remind you that random numbers could also easily explain what happened. Because it’s random you will get freaky situations where you may have a run of matches where you get lots of matches on your first turn in your colour and then lots of runs where you don’t and then sometimes it’ll flip between them one after the other.

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Additionaly, human psycology makes it so that we tend to focus a lot on the negative side and hardly remember the positive side. In this types of games it is really common to disregard and even forget our lucky streaks and only focus on and remember the unlucky ones, so in the end it appears to us that we always get bad RNG.

It is possible that this is a combination of both explanations.

  • Human pattern finding leads to us seeing the weird RNG runs and forming a behavioral conclusion.
  • The drop and gem spawn rules are very much tweaked to the advantage of the opponent.
    • try and make a row in pvp with random gem creating spells.
    • watch the behavior of the gem falls when the KD dragon has their 2nd spell ready to cast

The irony of this thread is that @EGS-McSpooky’s complaint is likely “just” bad RNG and not code trying to punish win streaks.

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Anecdotal, but I am reasonably sure that PQ3 uses a form of dynamic difficulty, just as GoW does.

I see the AI side pull off impossible miracle cascades far too often (also happens on the player side) to think otherwise and may even switch back and forth between sides in a match that goes on long enough.

I always operate under the presumption that no matter how empty the AI’s side mana totals are, those spells will be completely filled that turn and count my blessings on any turn where that does not happen.


I’ve factored everything mentioned above into my opinion; it’s happening way more in KD than everything else, I’ve kept an eye on it for months.