An update about Kingdoms

This can’t be overstated enough. If it’s to be multiple releases until fixes come to kingdoms, then the caps need to be adjusted now. There is literally no reason for there to be a 30 buy cap on the top tiers of Food and Ore. The constraint should be the currency itself. If the developer can’t find enough time to code unlimited buys on these deals with a 30 buy renewal cap (meaning at least 30 need to be bought to maintain that tier) then just change the caps on Food to 60 and Ore to 45. I’ve provided plenty of math on this issue in past posts (like here):

and have gone so far as to create two kingdoms of 15 people because full kingdoms are still harmed every day by these absolutely stupid caps.

Please @OminousGMan, the development team needs to recognize the urgency of this issue. Many longer time players have held on by a thread waiting for changes and I can assure you there will be nothing but ill comment if no changes at all are made until 1.2.

Messages like this are meaningless when small changes that truly make a difference are ignored.

Obviously the entire kingdom structure, management tools, and benefits needs to be reworked, but until this is done and made available in 1.2, this simple fix as @Zudaio suggests is so easy and its absolutely unacceptable that this hasn’t been addressed.

EDIT: one last comment. I assume you are anticipating a flood of new players on game release. That means existing and new kingdoms will be recruiting. Most new players have excess food to spend after only 1 month or less of game play. If the changes to kingdoms don’t occur for 3-6 months after release, the noise about this issue is just going to grow louder and louder and create a lot of bad sentiment for absolutely no reason. Putting a cap on an earnable resource and then also putting a cap on what it can be spent on is such bad design, even if temporary. Please fix this now.