Annoying sequential toasts

:one:. Resources spent

Crafting with Xione, Mutiny, or Grungli queues two toasts: one for spending gold and one for spending ore. Crafting with all three followers thus queues six toasts, which continue to appear in sequence even after leaving the follower screen.

Video showing a queue of 6 “resources spent” toasts

This could be addressed in several ways. One possibility is to combine each spend into a single toast (spent 60 gold and 60 ore) and remove it when tapping anything else (so they don’t build up a queue).

Another possibility is to show a wallet count-down, which would have the advantage of showing how much remains of each resource.

:two:. Resources acquired

A similar toast sequence appears when collecting from exactly two followers among the farmer, miner, and merchant. Players do this many times between recruiting the miner (ch 4) and the merchant (ch 13).

For this case, I think the best solution is to replace the toast queue (upper left) with a single wallet count-up (upper right), similar to the one for salvaging spells:

In fact, I’d prefer a wallet count-up even when collecting from 3+ followers, including loot tickets from Mutiny. The full-screen view could be reserved for collecting unique items such as Xione’s spells and Jocea’s minions.