Any news on Update 1.2?

Looking forward to a happily provided confirmation!

I tried to find it in the June Community Update. No luck!

EDIT: 6/28/2022 - Credit where credit is due. The June Community Update indeed arrived in June!

Jeto’s latest post is probably about as close to an official confirmation of an incoming update as it’s going to likely get. Odds of the update landing tomorrow are all-but-100% now, as it is likely out the door already.

There’s a chance that a CX team member might post later today (tomorrow for the devs) that the patch is incoming Tues/Wed, as it would be within the 24-hour window that Salty adhered to on her weekly streams before confirming updates as a matter of company policy. Of course, the immediate follow-up question to such a confirmation would be to provide a preview of the update, given the expected very major changes in the update. The devs would likely respond that given the size of the update, work is being devoted to preparing the long update notes and that preparing a preview would detract from that (unless such a preview was already planned, scheduled and prepared, but for at most a 24-hour advance notice… why???). To avoid this outcome, the devs may just stay silent on the matter until the update lands.

So, long story short, my expectations are squarely on a ninja drop of the update tomorrow with the slight possibility of a nod that the update is tomorrow and nothing more that before then.

… When Lyrian responds to your sarcasm post …

cmon man

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You, sarcastic? gasp


Half-sarcastically back, while waiting for the update, would you take the over/under on one of these following occurring in the update:

  • There is a Kingdom Boss Pass that multiplies a player’s rewards from Kingdom Bosses when purchased.

  • There is a Kingdom Pass that provides multipliers to a player’s contributions towards a Kingdom’s reward milestones, with milestone benchmarks balanced around a certain percentage of a Kingdom’s player roster purchasing the Pass.

  • Some other magical MacGuffin introduced with the update serves as a reason for another pass being added to the game.

At this point, I would just be happy with some proof of life.

Can I play too?

  • Some overly complex new currency being introduced
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We should have numbers these to make it easier for those people playing at home :slight_smile:

  1. Yes/Over
  2. Over- but I imagine that it will be more around number of tokens purchased, not number of guildmates purchasing extra tokens (Whales > Spenders)
  3. Under :crossed_fingers:

Not officially confirmed yet, but there’s pretty much no other possible explanation for these things in front of the wallet currency graphic…


There’s a possibility that instead of the introducing a fourth concurrent pass (what percentage of players are actually buying the three out there now, which is borderline jumping the shark already? Four passes absolutely will do that), the new kingdom content could serve as a reinforcing and incentivizing tool for the three existing passes through high-end content (buy these passes to gain the tools needed to beat end-game things). That said, I’ll believe that when I see that materialize in-game.

One thing that has irritated me a bit is that for every purchase you get VIP points
HOWEVER you only ever get VIP benefits if you pay for VIP pass (and only while you have the pass)

I start with some VIP passes, get extra benefits, then move onto other passes and the benefits stop
I start with other passes (get VIP points but no VIP benefits), then move to VIP pass, get VIP benefits + bonus VIP stuff - but only while maintaining the VIP pass

Either way, it’s not a great customer experience and doesn’t really feel VIP rewarding

It doesn’t have to be much or break the in-game economy - e.g. 1 free shop re-roll

Or using the existing structures for rewards: Here is very small VIP level bonus path, then buy the VIP pass for the extra path with double (or x10) the stuff

I’m still hoping they do something about the lack of inventory space. I’ve just gone to start this week’s elite tournament and realized I have no weapon that fits the requirements and my inventory is full of stuff I want.

No doubt I would have scrapped suitable weapons at some point previously.

There will be many exciting things.
But as well, I hope they don’t forget the promised increase of gear space which is very vital for playets who want to try and findout best fitting hero/ gear/ spell combinations.