A gesture of good will

It would be very nice if we could be made aware in advance (more than just a day) of changes that may be coming so that kingdoms can prepare themselves as needed.

Could you please help us to make the game a better experience?


Receiving update notes ahead of time would be really appreciated. Trying to process everything the day it goes live is very burdensome especially if it impacts kingdoms as a whole.



I posted the original message 8 days prior to this one.

Sometimes, silence speaks volumes.


They don’t seem to be active on here at all at the moment, even to do basic mod stuff. My first post was auto-marked spam over a week and a half ago, and it said the mods would check it shortly, but none of them have yet. I even sent one of them a message with no results.

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Welcome to the Puzzle Quest 3 CX experience.

Always the same … players got crashed against a wall every time a new update is ahead because they are not willing to post upcoming patch notes to inform about what players have to expect next.

General rule of thumb is that the devs will not post information regarding future updates if knowledge of that information would potential impair the game’s financial performance now or in the future.

In the “now” category, knowledge of how the Archive is going to would likely impact how players choose to spend resources before the season ends (save them as Ancient Coins or spend on Caches). That alone, is probably sufficient to withhold the update notes from the public in their eyes.

In the “future” category, there is the enigma of how the new Follower is going to work, both in functionality as well as how to obtain Crystals for that Follower. It’s quite possible that the devs may implement a “premium” model for that Follower (see other games of this style), which would go over with the public (at least the forum regulars at a minimum) extremely poorly. If the Follower is the converter/reroller that everyone wants, you can very easily bet that the devs will monetize said functionality as much as reasonably possible.

At this point, I think it would be very safe to say the patch notes won’t be released until after Season 1.2 closes. By then, though, the update will follow very quickly, as it needs to be pushed for Season 1.3 to start next Monday, which has already been teased by the devs on Facebook.

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The message was to CX, not devs. CX doesn’t want to even show the basic courtesy of a response. AFAIK the devs have never posted anything meaninful here so to inject them into this conversation between players and CX is irrelevant.

They had nearing two weeks to say something, anything, in response.

They. Didn’t. Bother.

I think it is strange to defend it, or to make up reasoning to justify it without proof, but others are certainly welcome to invent stories on their own time.