New Exchange Follower

Since the new adventure can get one a number of follower crystals, wouldn’t it be nice to get a future Follower (NPC), who could exchange crystals ? Even exchange glyphs, or is that asking too much, lol.
Anything in the works, @Jeto ?


I wonder who that could be though, hmm?


There are currently no “new” follower plans in the works, but there will be changes to existing Followers when the Gear and Spell changes come through. But those changes are so the followers work with the new gear & spell systems.


When are those changes happening? Is there a list of what they are anywhere? I’ve hear that bosses can now cast a spell AND hit you in the same turn, I hope that’s not true…?

You are thinking of the 2.4 patch notes, which are on the forum and that is only Season bosses in 2.4

Follower changes are in 2.5

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So non-2.4 bosses act the same as they always have?