You've got mail! Follower Crystals

Hello Adventurers,

Today we’ve sent out some mail with some Follower Crystals!

Because we added more Follower Crystals to the Follower Side Quests recently, we wanted to make sure our existing players who had played through the Side Quests before this change got some extra Crystals to work with as well.

To that end, 3 different Global mail were sent out today:

For players level 5 and above:

  • 5 Follower Crystals: Eveline, Toragon, Northelm, Brie and Adhakus

For players level 30 and above:

  • 4 Follower Crystals: Auri, Gong, Gemka and Xione

For players level 50:

  • 10 Follower Crystals: Eveline, Toragon, Northelm, Brie, Adhakus, Auri, Soulchaser, Mutiny, Grungli and Jocea

This mail will be sent to all players for 2 weeks, so if you level up in that time you will still receive the next mail. For example if you are level 10 now but reach level 50 before May 13th, then you will receive all 3 mails.

In total level 50 players will receive 19 Follower Crystals.

Thanks again for your support everyone!


Amazing Amazing Amazing - Thank you!!!

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Wow, great idea.
I was just started to whining about not being level50 yet, and I saw this part.
Thanks for the update, crystals and the fair deal :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for listening to us and sending out some follower crystals to help replace the ones we missed out on. It is greatly appreciated.

I must comment though I’m a little confused by the choice of crystals. I and some others have missed out on 5x crystals of each Evelyn, Toragon, Northelm, Brie and Adhakas. But you have sent 2x crystals of each Eveline, Toragon, Northelm, Brie, Adhakus and Auri and 1x crystal of each Gong, Gemka, Xione, Soulchaser, Mutiny, Grungli and Jocea. This doesn’t actually match very well with what we missed out on. (thinking about Adhakus and Northelm mainly). Just wondering why you chose to give us the crystals you did?

It’s also fantastic you gave us 2 weeks to get a follower to level 50 for those of us who don’t have a hero to level 50 and have previously done all the sidequests with all the heros from which the extra crystals are now rewarded. Thanks :partying_face:

This made me curious as well as I would have liked to have seen the assortment of crystals received more closely match what was missed. Thankfully we have a new class from which to earn first time crystal bonuses. With these new crystals and the compensation crystals sent out today, no one should miss out on getting those 5 early followers to Legendary status, which is key.

Thinking about it more, this mail out goes to everyone. Regardless if they got extra crystals from starting early access early or they started recently and still will collect extra crystals from sidequests from hero’s they haven’t yet leveled. I wonder if it is too difficult to work out exactly who has missed out on the extra sidequest gems and how many of each. My new guess is that this is why they are all spread out.

Of course I’ll still take these crystals over nothing :wink: but the missed crystals would have helped me more in the long run (I think)

@Kafka Restarted the game after reaching lvl50 and 3th mail had arrived.
Thanks again.