Crystals rewarded at 50

Presently only Eveline crystals have a use post-50. The remainder of the followers have no crystal usage post-50 and their crystals are thus dead currency.

These crystals are still rewarded for content. Is this a bug or a feature? I know 1.3 is the follower rework, so perhaps they will have a future use? See attached screenshots:


We are still developing more in-game features, such as further uses for Follower Crystals! Currently, this is not a bug though.

The Follower update has been removed from 1.2 in our updated Roadmap as part of our June Community update, just in case it was missed :sparkles:

As mentioned above, the Follower update will be coming with an update later in the year. Once the roadmap is updated again, we will share it in another Community Blog!

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