Any word on when the seasons giving contest winners will get their prizes?

I would like to wait another week. I have sent you the necessary data, so I assume that the package is on its way. Possibly the transport route to Germany is a bit more complex than to other countries, also it should be taken into account that we have recently had to deal with more strikes in the transpost / postal system.

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I am curious … just sent another mail with my contacts last week to your and haven’t seen an answer about shipping yet.

For sure I have waited a bit longer with patience but till today I haven’t received anything. From a customers view this is nothing to ask for, it is in the responsiblities of any supplier to get the shipping done without being reminded or reading another post over here. And I won’t ask for it anymore in any way additional to this it will be my last reply in this thread.

If you are not interested in sending me the merch, just tell me and we are done with it.

Hey there!

I just responded to your email. I do apologize for the delay in response.
Your replacement package will be sent out this week with a follow-up confirmation on shipment and tracking.

Thanks again.



Hi there!

Following up here as well. I sent an email last week, as FedEx requires additional information to ship internationally. Can you please respond to that email so we can get this package out to you?

Thank you!

I need to know the exact date this email was sent to me. There are far too many spam mails about “really important deliveries” in my account. Thank you.


The most recent follow up email sent was:

March 2, 2023 at 10:57 AM, Pacific Time.
It may be listed as a different date/time on your end due to time zones.

I hope that helps.


Nope, doesnt help. Have checked all mails, just crappy spam. What about forwarding the mail or reminder you have received to my account from yours? Would be much easier to check for me - never thought it would be this complicated to receive one small package in the 21st century …

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I’m going to close this thread, if you have any further questions or queries for @WarlockPrime, please don’t hesitate to continue to email them directly in case there are any more personal details that need to be shared.