Anyone else scared about the follower rework?

I’m very interested to see what happens with the update. Clearly the last update took control away from the players, put more focus on spending gems and low level slot machines to get what you want and was only good for high level players. This was correctly met with a lot of pushback from the community. Did they learn their lesson? Do they care? Talk is one thing and action is another, I’m hoping for the best and expecting the worst.


I want it to go well, but I’ve stopped caring. My quest pass let out, I’ve no more crowns. Only thing keeping me even remotely engaged are the stocks of tickets I have. I had some faith that something could come of it, but it’s feeling like the same slop fed to every other failed game I’ve played, particularly ME Andromeda with all the hyper defenders ready to rumble over every perceived slight and the best the community managers can give is ‘it’ll be better, just over that horizon 3 months from now we will get to figuring it out. Switch, keep fighting the good fight, hope for your sake the likely conclusion isn’t the one that’ll happen but I don’t care anymore.

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Thanks, man.

I’m fighting the doldrums too.

The one thing that kept the game interesting, after going through the story, was trying out and upgrading new gear sets, and that’s gone now.

The occasional “ooo cool” factor of a good drop – and I have, finally, gotten I think 3 good drops, though only one of them is truly useful to my existing gear sets and gameplay – is more than cancelled by the frustration of the crap the other 99.5% of the time.


Thing is, I think everyone (except those already-end-game players who had their mythics and got grandfathered in to 50/50/50 battle scrolls) is going to hit this.

Even new players, who didn’t know the old system, once they get to “mid” game (i.e. through the story and figuring out the game’s options), are going to hit this wall. They’ll want to start getting good gear sets and realize they’re basically powerless to do so.


Remains to be seen what the updates do, whenever they show up, and whether they (a) permit gear-rarity-advancing and (b) implement it in an accessible way, as opposed to some stupidly expensive pay-to-win sideline. … I’m not sure what to expect on that score.

But, as you’re experiencing, in the weeks (or longer?) it will take to get to that point, may well be that a whole bunch of customers, who might otherwise have remained engaged, will have drifted away.


Ah well, easy come, easy go. … Maybe time to go grab Balder’s Gate 3?

After all, that entire game costs only about 2 or 3 of the PQ3 “flash offers” for a handful of runes or relics! LOL

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