Level 50 follower rework

There are a few followers that offer no benefits once at level 50, to the point that it’s better for us to leave them at a lower level.

Currently it’s detrimental to upgrade her past legendary 45, as her crystals are put to much better use in making relics.

At level 50, she can trade 2 unwanted glyphs for one useful one - in the same manner as mythic relics - giving us an incentive to level her up.

I’m deliberately keeping him at the level below making mythic, as most players have more of these than anything else, but lack the mythic relics to use them. So, if I want a legendary relic I’ve currently got a 2:1 chance of getting what I want, but if I level him up to where he can make mythic, it goes down to a 3:1 chance of getting what I want.

At level 50 we could choose the element and tier, costing one of his crystals. Or, add an option to combine 3 epic to make one legendary, and 4 legendary to make one mythic.


  1. His gifts are too randomised, (I’ve already made a thread about this “up to” nonsense),
  2. He makes shards, which is also done by another follower.


  1. At level 50, we could choose the tier of his gifts, and they would cost 1-5 Resh crystals based on the tier we’ve chosen.
  2. Either remove shards from his loot pool, or add other follower’s items (loot tickets, spell dust etc.) to make it more balanced.

@Jeto say yes.


I don’t get this hatred towards Resh giving you shards thing? I like when Resh gives me shards, doesn’t bother me at all. What I don’t like getting from Resh is rare and epic relics. I wouldn’t mind the devs buffing Resh, but I see no reason to get rid of his shards, they can increase the number if they want, but I do think its fine. He does need an ability to use extra Resh crystals though.

I can get shards elsewhere, I use Resh because I want hard-to-get items. It wouldn’t be an issue if they stopped the “up to” thing and just gave us the tier we clicked on.

Resh giving sharts is always a let down for 1500 ore. IF IT IS WORTH IT… then tell me why Grungli doesn’t have a tiered option?

Resh should cost more, but give more in return. At level 50, Resh should GUARANTEE a glyph or tier 4 relic… even if it takes a week.

Grungli doesn’t give you near as many shards as Resh does and certainly not the variety, its basically like getting a bonus silver reward for fighting the dragon every day. And considering how easy it is to farm your ore back at high levels, its expensive, but also somewhat reasonable. The whole idea with Resh is you’re gambling. You get really good stuff, but you also get disappointing stuff. If all Resh gave was amazing gifts, then why would anyone ever use the shop or use Eveline ever again to make relics. If the devs were to do anything it would probably be to look at his cost of use and if that could be lowered at all. But more importantly would be an ability to use your extra Resh crystals once he’s leveled to 50. Maybe have an alternate version of his best ability where you can spend a Resh crystal to get a reward instantly without even having to pay an ore cost.

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Grungli needs a buff.

Resh needs to be refined, too expensive for too little return.

How they do it? Dunno. but I rarely use resh. always better uses for 1500 ore.