Stop this "up to" nonsense with Resh

So, I finally have Resh at Mythic, currently level 47, after a long, long grind to get him there.

But, after many attempts at a Superior gift, I get nothing but shards and one epic relic. I understand it says “up to” a superior gift, meaning there’s still a chance of a minor, lesser etc., but this is very annoying. It feels like spending all that time, and ancient coins, levelling up Resh was pretty much for nothing.

I’m spending 1,500 ore and waiting 12 hours just to get what the shard dwarf gives me for ~200 ore in 2 hours.

A mythic-level Darkhunter only selects from the top three tiers or runes when selecting by colour, not giving you any uncommon/rare runes/scrolls. Couldn’t Resh do something similar, selecting from only the top 3 tier options?


Had to get Resh to Level 50 and many tries to get … once! … a superior gift.
So Resh is only an option if you really dont know what to do with your gold (which means always) and your ore (which means nearly never).
If he would not be there it would be same … (edit: not true, sorry, he gives nice buffs for free … so I would miss him and he is not as useless as I said first, but forget his crafting option)
But ok, hes not the only complettly useless companion in game.
But you should be used to it, 90% at least of “things” in game, weapons, gear, res, spells, minions
are complettly useless … and the longer you play, the more useless they get.

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53 superior gifts purchased here:

  • 30 shard packs
  • 14 epic relics
  • 6 rare relics
  • 1 Legendary rune
  • 1 Crystal
  • 1 Mythic relic.

This is Resh, an expensive lottery that most time gives worthless resources and only once in a while gives something worthy.


Its ridiculous and shows how daft the devs are honestly.

Ive had resh at mythic 50 for months now, i stopped using him 2 months ago, its seriously a rip off, just shows the devs dont test or play their own games.


Raise the ridiculously low ore cap in line with food cap so 13k, at least then we wouldnt mind spending and will actually have the resource to chance it.

  1. Take the crap shards out that we all tend to get 24 out of 25 times and keep actual superior stuff in there so that we know that we will get something worthwhile.

  2. Lower the ridiculously high ore cost of resh in line with the other followers of around 400ish and the lengthy time down too, 12 hours is stupid, make it 4 hours then.

Cant believe resh and his mechanics were actually thought of as a good idea by the devs, they clearly smoking strong stuff.


I completely disagree with the previous post and with all the criticisms made of Resh.

First of all, it provides buffs in battle that are very useful and only those who are distracted do not notice them.
When we manage to raise him to the point of unlocking its maximum gift, at that point we are also at a level where 1500 ore and 5000 gold is something we can gather without big problem in 12 hours. Hence the 12 hour wait, and it seems completely normal to me, especially in a game where it’s common to wait a week for something. I have already had a mythical relic in no more than 15 attempts, it seems to me a very positive index.

Taking all this into account, he seems to me to be one of the best followers we have.

Wow u most be as high as the devs lol. I actually got a relic today after weeks of shards. But no not a mythic relic or ledgendary. I got a basic blue one. For once i wished i had got shards instead.

As already said in worldchat, Jonas, play another 3 months and you will have piles of mythic relics. More then you ever will need … and they get more and more and more and more … as most things in game, absolute use and worthless, cause you will never get enough glyphs to use even a small part of them.
Resh is definetly a bad choice if you want to spent your ore with brain.
Much better ways to spent it for getting things you need.
But I agree in one point, his buffs are nice.



Yes i like his buffs, they certainly help but as for cost vs rewards, no his rubbish, i rather spend my ore as i do every hour on mutiny for valuable tickets at an affordable cost, as for shards, well if i want those ill just do 6x grungli at the same cost of 1x resh.

Also agree to the mountains of relics, i have in the 500’s of them already, its nuts.

I wish i had kept track of my resh buys as i must have easily done just over 100 by my calculations, of those i got 1 glyph, several relics of which are useless to me and shards shards shards, the easiest resource to farm, oh i think i got a rune too lol.

Just not worth it, also considering that given the low ore cap, i have often found myself wanting to contribute towards kingdom bazaars yet how many deals are 1k or even 3k per purchase and i find myself short to help with bazaar as im wasting so much ore on rubbish resh stuff.

Bottom line is resh’s rewards vs costs need some rework done, its not balanced properly when comparing with other followers, their costs vs rewards and the fact that the ore cap is ridiculously low, 5300? Make it 13k like food then ill shut up lol.

In my opinion the value of Resh’s gifts depend on what each player wants/needs to get from ore.

If the goal is getting mythic relics (without extra expenses as with eveline) and glyphs then Resh is the only one to go for. In exchange, we have to invest great amounts of ore with little side return.

If the goal is getting general value from ore, then Resh is no good. Let’s assume that on average you get 1 mythic relic or glyph every 50 superior gifts, meaning 1500 x 50 = 75,000 ore. That same amount of ore would allow crafting 600 random weapons with lvl 50 Soulchaser (second ability), around 6 of which will be legendary and several more epic. The added value of all the useful weapons you get, plus all the weapon shards from salvaging those not needed, plus the equivalent value on epic runes and glyphs saved from the epic and legendary ones is much more higher than that of a single mythic relic or glyph. Even with Toragon or Xione, whose abilities cost twice as much and the shards from salvaging are much less valuable, we still get plenty of value in comparison.

So all in all, I find Resh not to be so terrible. He gives you nice buffs and also gives you the opportunity to get high end resources at a high cost. It is just that his gifts are only desirable if you are ready to pay tons of ore in search of mythic relics or glyphs. Since I prefer to get the most from my ore, I just choose to keep Mutiny always busy and then dump the rest of excess ore into crafting gear or spells, but having the Resh lottery around for those who appreciate it does no harm in my opinion.

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I think of Resh as somewhere to dump ore when you hit the ore cap when you are farming. That is if you don’t want to use the ore with another follower. The odds of you getting something actually useful is extremely low but that is still better then just wasting your ore.

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I’ve been playing way longer for that and I’m still way too low on them to progress past level XIII Kingdom Defence.

Yeah, but Jonas plays a lot, a real lot … as me.
I play since around 7 months now and I have absolute no prob with Level XX dragon since at least 2 months … so it depends “a bit” on the time you invest … how fast things stack.

So how many hours a day/days a week are you playing?

I personally play around 2-3 hours of day. Thats around the time I do need to do everything you cant play well or not with autoplay feature. Adventures, PvP, Season Battles on Level 95, KD, adminstrative things etc.
The rest of the day and half of the night the game plays on autoplay without me on mobile or a seperate Pc and I only click the next battle, sometimes only 2 times an hour, sometimes all 5 minutes, as my job and other things I do allow it … mostly dungeons or story.
(edit: ok it gets less and less meanwhile … makes not much sense anymore)

Hello Higure, TR, Jonas and Ed.
Many things in this game are “up to”, such as caches in seasons giving me shards for 200 ancient coins.
Resh? Love the buffs, my backside remains comfortably ample because of unexpected Resh buffs.
Ed, yes this is another area on the list of game events that received low cerebral amperage.
I have not kept count of Resh’s “gifts” but do use him when I ammaxd in ore and gold and have a line of minion opened chests awaiting action.

100% agree i have him at level 50 and i have given up using him. I have wasted too much ore so i never use him anymore.

It’s these types of setups in the game that give a poor player experience. It’s almost like they want to frustrate their player base.


This! #reshreworkplease

At the very least they could remove shards from the loot pool. He doesn’t make minions, loot tickets etc. so why he makes the dwarf’s items is unknown to me.


Exactly my thought on this.

You just have to accept that the devs are only interested in amusing themselves by lying o us about what we can get or do. And then when we figure it out and get around them, they’ll “rework” and take away your progress anyway