Resh's Ability is poorly worded and illustrated

Resh, the new follower introduced in Season 1.3, offers “Gifts” for a certain price. However, as currently depicted in the game, it is very confusing what Resh actually gifts you based on the purchase due to poor use of game terminology and visuals:

The Minor gift is described as returning Minor resources, however many players have received lesser shards or lesser (T1) relics. Additionally, the graphic for the minor gift uses a similar illustration as that of Eveline’s conversion ability depicted here:

Resh does not perform any conversions so the reuse of this graphic seems unnecessarily confusing.

Resh’s Lesser Gift says that it returns Lesser materials:

However, so far its been 50/50 between Lesser and Greater shards. Furthermore, i assume the graphics of Minor and Lesser gifts are supposed to be switched?

Finally, if you compare the color backgrounds of Eveline’s Relic abilities, it appears Resh’s color backgrounds are not synched correctly (for instance, if the Minor gift actually gives minor and lesser materials, shouldnt it be a green/blue background and then the Lesser gift would be a blue/purple background if its returning Lesser and Greater items?)

All of this is very confusing and is unhelpful to the player. Please use distinct graphics for the operation of these “Gifts” and please provide better explanations or even better, a drop table of what each gift can give.

P.S. I chose Bug Report over Game Feedback because in my view these are errors and not things that could benefit from “improvement”.



Popped it in another thread but we have changes coming to Relics and Shards in the next update so it is likely the naming of their Gifts and their descriptions will change in line with that!

I have passed on that the iconography and the colouring of Resh’s Gifts to Eveline Relic exchange can be confusing.

Please let me know if I can help with anything else.

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