Armor Gambling Odds

Lolwut. Gambled 11 armors in succession, got 4 Epic Red Serpentine shoulders, 2 Rare Red Serpentine shoulders, 1 Uncommon Serpentine shoulders. What are the odds!?

I got at least 3 Serpentine shoulder out of about 6 rolls in the past few days - chalked it up to random bad luck but maybe the RNG is not great
No way for us to check, but maybe someone on the other side of the fence could?

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I think either the RNG is bugged, or the game is programmed to alter odds depending on factors unknown to us. For example:

Season 1.3: I’ve purchased 75 ultimate caches, and still haven’t gotten Oberon’s Keybelt.
Season 1.4: I got the Duskside Helmet after opening 15 ultimate caches
Season 1.5: I got the Dragonrealm Ring after opening 5 ultimate caches, around 7 basic caches, and around 5 enhanced caches.

So, I honestly have NO IDEA what to think about the RNG for this game, LOL. Yes I know the saying that “RNG will be RNG”, but the chances of NOT getting Oberon’s after opening 75 ultimate caches is something like 2%.