Bad interaction of conversion spells

Android, Samsung Galaxy A51, android 11

I’ve had this happen at least twice.

When fighting a scorpion, I will typically do the dark spell that does some damage and causes terror (nightmare vision). This usually knocks the scorpion low enough that it does Hide in Sand. I follow up with the dark spell that does 300ish damage and if the victim has terror, added 5 dark to the board (unnerving strike).

So, my five dark crystals are put on the board. Frequently, a match is made, so those tiles highlight and lock. Since I did spell damage to the scorpion, hide in sand triggers, replacing tiles with yellow.

Sometimes, these replaced tiles were in my match. Turning them yellow breaks the match, but leaves those tiles maked. I can no longer swipe them, because they’re locked, even though they’re no longer matched.

When the tile changes color, it should lose any existing mark.

This does not stop gameplay. I still can play with the marked tiles on the board. They remain marked unless and until I clear them.

What were you expecting to happen, and what actually happened
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How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
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I have had this happen as well. I cast some spell (smite) that locks some yellows, but I have a weapon, Warlord’s Battleaxe, that creates some skulls if I kill and enemy. Some of the skulls show up in locked yellows, which I can’t move.