Battle chest quality

Until around early January the final enemy in a battle had a chance of upgrading chest quality. Then it abruptly stopped for some reason - now the final battle in a 3 or 5 enemy run has no impact on the quality of the chest that drops at the end, meaning the final chest is always determined by the second to last enemy.

Is this a deliberate change or did someone just forget to turn this setting back on?

Honestly, I have never ever seen the final battle impact chest quality. I’m not saying you are wrong. I’m only saying that I have never seen that happen.

I remember it clearly. And think about it - first battle increases stars, second increases stars then nothing for the last? Makes no sense right?

I totally agree that it makes no sense. However, each and every battle I have fought since the stars arrived, the last battle had no impact on the chest rarity. It has never one time happened to me where it changed on the last battle. Not one time, not ever. I DO tend to fail on luck things. So perhaps I have been unlucky for hundreds of battles.

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From the 0.39 Patch notes

  • “Stars” are a visual indication of your progress in increasing to a higher Tier of Chest. Earning more Stars will indicate a higher rarity of Chests at the end of battle
    • The last enemy in a battle will not drop a Star