Battle Pass: (actual) Loyalty Rewards

The current monetization method for the pass doesn’t really make sense to me.

$5 monthly (or $100 yearly) seems like an absurd ask for some in-game currency/resources/materials. It (unintentionally?) implies “we know how grindy/tedious this game can get, we think $5 is a fair price to make it less boring.

I want to support the game, but there is no way it is worth it, at either price.

How about a reasonable pricing model?

I’d be much more comfortable with $1 a month, or even $100 for a lifetime pass.

Or even borrowing the Call of Duty or Fortnite Battle Pass model, where the Battle Pass provides actually “useful” (premium) currency - in this case, Crowns.

That way, if someone played the game every day, they’d be able to pay for the next month at no extra cost to them, you know, actually rewarding their loyalty:thinking:

Just a thought…

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I’d love the VIP’s and battle passes to represent actual value but it’s been months of describing this to these guys and there’s been a tiny tweak once and that’s it.

They are happy to take your money for
really poor value, on a match 3 game no less lol

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Problem is that people apparently are buying these passes with a smile. And as long as people are just doing that, then they have no reason to lower the prices or give any value.

I bought vip pass once when I began playing. Did I regret that - YES.
They are using us to test the game, instead of hiring actual testers AND at the same time offering overpriced passes, while they change the game for the worse.

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