Battle Pass Compensation is WRONG!

When the changes to the Battle Pass were made you prematurely ended existing Battle Passes.

The recent (today) compensation of 1000 horns does not address loss of rewards and real-world money due to this change.

For example:

  • I pay crowns to get the battle pass (real-world $10-$15)
  • This unlocks the premium rewards.
  • You guys change the BP and effectively cancel that purchase without refunding my crowns
  • You reward me 1000 horns
  • But since I have not purchased the “new” BP those horns only give me “Free Rewards” tier prizes.

You have stolen crowns from me and compensated with horns. This is not acceptable.

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I have to agree that sending 1000 Horns is not this:

If there is no effort to send out the actual rewards that would have been earned, it would seem like players have a legitimate grievance case under Play Store policies.

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Hey all,

The Horns that have been sent through are a separate compensation from the Battle Pass to Quest Pass compensation.
This was sent through to players as the current Quest Pass is running a shorter duration (3 weeks instead of the 4).

If you had purchased the previous Battle Pass and have yet to receive the remainder of the rewards for this, please don’t hesitate to send through a Support ticket (including your name code) and we will investigate why these haven’t made it out to you yet.

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

That makes more sense then. Unfortunately the message in the game mail probably should have made specific mention of the Quest Pass:

The way that I read the wording here was specifically in reference to compensation for the BATTLE PASS

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This is all fine and dandy, but how many people don’t come to the forum and are just being ripped off?

I also do not have any view of my previous progress to accurately know if the compensation is truly correct.

This is why charging money in an alpha-version product is bad business. You are taking genuine life-long fans of this brand and turning then against you with this ineptitude.


Ticket in, for both Lyranica and myself, #109963.

I would do so. Jeto offered to assist through a support ticket.

Just a quick update.

I’ve passed on some affected accounts already to the development team, with this information we should be able to grab all players affected by this!
Even if you haven’t submitted a ticket or any players who are currently unaware this is an issue, we should be able to get that missed compensation sent out.

Don’t have an ETA on when the fix push will go out but will check back after the weekend for an update.

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

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Honestly, Jeto it is everyone. The odds that not one person in game chat, discord or here has gotten the rewards, but some mythical creature who never communicates, did? Lets just say we players have better odds of getting a relic from a chest. :rofl:

This is a big deal. Ignoring it all week, just to say it will get looked into after the weekend, does not look good. I’m not blaming you, personally, at all. But woof! This is not good.


I would agree that this is the correct sum of all who were affected :laughing:



A unicorn then has been found, as I was using unaffected accounts as a comparison to confirm players’ data for those who did miss out on the mail.

This potentially was depended on the time frame of when the last Battle Pass was purchased.

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

edit: removing my comment because I’m unhappy with own tone. :eyes: :rofl:

Buzz try again.

Those rewards look like the free awards. Not the ones we paid to access a d have now been denied.

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I can confirm that several in our kingdom have now received the Battle Pass compensation:

EDIT All rewards received have been the free rewards.

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Came back here to add this too.

Looks like some of the stuff is invisible in the mail like the glyphs

I received appropriate compensation. The compensation which appeared in the email was incomplete, however the compensation which I received was appropriate. Reference photos are attached:

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Can provide secondary confirmation for @Wokel .

E-mailed imagery is incorrect, but what appeared in the wallet screen is mostly correct.

I say mostly correct, because I am suspicious that everyone is receiving 2 Minion Glyphs instead of two random Glyphs.

Wokel received two minion Glyphs in their screenshot.
My screenshot also shows two minion Glyphs in their screenshot.
I observed Lyranica this morning also receiving two minion Glyphs from the email.

While not completely impossible to occur, it seems implausible for all three of us to receive the same two minion Glyphs from the random roll.

If anyone else here has not already claimed their compensation email, can you please screenshot and post which two Glyphs were received from the Battle Pass compensation email?

I can confirm I just received the correct rewards while the message was incorrect, I did end up with the correct rewards.