Battle Pass Compensation is WRONG!

I did not bother to screen shot it, but I got 2 armor glyphs.

I am able to scroll the rewards left and right to see them all. Just check out your collected mail box.

Yyyy… my email looks empty and I am afraid to collect it:

Anyone got the same?

Try swiping left and right where the rewards should be listed. Only one spot for me was blank but it showed what it was after i swiped to the side and then back again.

Tried, but nothing. I recall at was at “the end” of the pass - 2-4 rewards left to collect. Had Premium (no Plus) so they should fit all in one line.


@Sibelios and @Malib could you both send through a ticket, including the name code of the account you are experiencing this on, so I can have a peek at your game data to see what is occurring here?

Some rewards I am aware do not display in the mail, but not sure why nothing would be displayed as things like keys or Gold should be shown still.

To the best of my knowledge I received the Battle Pass completion rewards. Although I have purchased the Premium Battle Pass previously, I had not done so for this most recent one that was terminated.

Ah okay, I misunderstood. I thought you had purchased the Pass+ for this most recent one that was cut short.

Additionally then, @morge & @00h00m you both mentioned not receiving the Pass+ compensation? Also confirming, you had purchased the Pass+ for the Battle Pass that was stopped and became the Quest Pass?

@Jeto, I had empty email, but claimed the rewards, and got everything that looked correctly:

I can still raise this if you want to investigate.

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The mail wasn’t displaying everything I was expecting but when collected I got all the expected item it was the mail display issue highlighted above.

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00h00m expresses some of of my thoughts. I did not spend crowns for horns, I spent them for gameplay and enjoyment. I got neither and did not get a refund of crowns. If I had wanted an instantaneous payout, I would have purchased the same. I have such great buyers remorse that I will not give you a second chance at my money, nor my time. I wish all the players the best and I will be amazed if this venture succeeds, but I have no intention of being there.