[ POLL ] How far did you get in the Battle Pass? Round 3

As is tradition, figured I make a poll on how far people have progressed in the current battle pass that ends in 2 days.

This is the first battle pass where the event system is available, but the game is also in the most unplayable state it has ever been in for the entire battle pass duration.

How far did you get in the 3rd (current) battle pass?

  • A: 0-5
  • B: 6-10
  • C: 11-15
  • D: 16-20
  • E: 21-25
  • F: 26-29
  • G: 30 (completed)

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Currently on L29 with a day and a bit to go, so did a bit of thinking on the numbers to plan a bit better for next round. For those that have got to the higher tiers of daily dungeons let me know if the horn awards increase there as that will make it easier.

The Battle Pass lasts for 60 days, has 30 levels, each requiring 30 horns, so a total of 900 horns.

PVP - 144 horns
3 Tournaments every 7 days, each awarding 6 horns.
These can all be unlocked on the first day since they are part of the rewards, not final position. Seemingly no scaling of horns for moving up leagues, atleast not bronze, silver, gold.
Since 7 doesn’t go into 60 exactly I’ll count 8 complete weeks (56 days) and the other week you can decide when to claim it for the current or next Battle Pass.

Daily Dungeon - 180 horns
3 chests available each day, with each chest awarding 1 horn. Resets daily so 60 x 3 for the Battle Pass.
Tier IV still 1 horn per chest (does this increase with tiers?)

3 day Dungeon - 240 horns
6 chests available, but resets after 3 days, so 20 occurrences through the Battle Pass.
Each chest awards 2 horns (Tier V - again does this increase with tiers?)

Assuming you do complete all of the above across 60 days it should give you 564 horns.
This leaves 336 to earn from Bounties, or 5.6 per day.

Daily Bounties
Horns awarded are based on the challenge. 10 crest bounties give 1 horn, 20 crest give 2 horns, 30 crest give 3 horns. You get 4 free bounty tokens per day and can buy additional tokens for 25 gems (increasing +25 gems up to 125). Crests are primarily for kingdoms to unlock keys and gold at certain milestones.
5.6 horns per day equates to a weekly total of 392 crests.

So if my maths is correct, if you set a target of 400 crests per week, do all Daily and 3 day Dungeons and do enough in PVP to unlock the 6 rewards in each category, you should be able to complete the Battle Pass.
Any missed horns from daily dungeons can likely be picked up in excess bounties. If you hit 500 crests per week across the Battle Pass that is an additional 86 horns compared to someone on 400 crests per week.

Lastly if you are in the final day of battle pass and just short of a desired target, additional ranks can be bought with gems at a cost of 5 gems per missing horn.

Newer players may not have a L50 character for access to Elite PVP. Until you do, that is 6 horns per week shortfall to make up elsewhere.
If you disconnect during Daily dungeons, or take HP damage you may miss out on the top chest. Not a big horn loss, and there are options to pay gems for more attempts - up to you if they are worth it.

Horn Awards are the same.

If you choose Bounties one-at-a-time (instead of using all 4 tokens right away) you can earn additional Horns by revealing more higher value Bounties, an estimated 465 Crests/week without any additional gem expenditure.

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What is your definition of unplayable? I realize that the token loss issue is annoying but I’m just curious what other factors are contributing to this take given your own assessment that this latest update was actually something palatable.

Did we just lose 4 days to complete the Battle Pass? Anyone care to do the new math on that. Same cost. Same potential reward. 4 less days to complete it. Where does that put the daily bounty requirement?


Same it has it always been since the beginning in 0.34. 8 weeks per campaign pass, for a total of 56 days per pass. The game is on day 3 of this game week and of this campaign pass.


Thanks for the info Lyrian.

I’ve updated the info from Avenger’s post to include the math for a 56 day Battle Pass.

PVP - 144 horns
Daily Dungeon - 168 horns
3 Day Dungeon - 216 horns
Combined maximum - 528 horns

This leave 372 horns remaining.
That works out to 6.6 horns per day (about 470 crests per week)

That’s no cake walk. Last week, I had 3 days in a row where the only thing available to me were 1 horn bounties, even when doing 1 quest at a time. In order to complete the Battle Pass, you have to be targeting 7 horns a day through bounties and occasionally fall short to 6 horns. Based on my experience with bounties, it sounds like most people are going to be required to spend gems in order to complete it. If you only buy the first extra bounty each day, it will cost 25 gems a day, which works out to 1400 gems over the 56 day Battle Pass. That’s more than the Battle Pass even gives you in return (200x6=1200).

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Using one-at-a-time selection you would earn 6.56 horns on average each day which is 367 Horns over 56 days. So you wouldn’t fall very short. A 3 day run of all bronzes doesn’t mean much over a 56 day average.

Just curious where that math is coming from. Are you assuming that all bounties have the same chance of occurrence?

Based on 150+ observations: 50% Bronze, 33% Silver, 16% Gold (values are rounded as estimates).


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Nice! I like it :laughing:

Also the “math” portion of the answer is just an expected value calculation based on the identified probabilities. I sort of glossed over the math question with just “data” :exploding_head:

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