[ POLL ] How far did you get in the Battle Pass progress?

With the Battle Pass ending in 1 day, was curious to get data on how far everyone was able to get progressed in it.

Currently progress for it is achieved by daily bounties and a small amount from each of the 3 PvP tournaments each week.

Pretty sure they are likely to tweak the rewards and the rate of its completion before launch, but was curious where it currently stands.

How far did you get in the Battle Pass progress?

  • 0-5
  • 6-10
  • 11-15
  • 16-20
  • 21-25
  • 26-29
  • 30 (completed)

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It is interesting to see the 26-29 and completed each even. I wonder if people who completed used gems to get over the final hump.

Anything above 16-20 in the current state of the game would have been gems. Based on my math earlier, it is at least 5k gems to complete it all currently.

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Is the cost of each tier 150 gems all the way up to Tier 30, or does the cost escalate towards the end of the reward list?

Yes, but most people do it via bounty.

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In my estimation, a player should get around 6-7 horns in average per day (without gemming for additional chance to get Gold/Iron/Wooden key reward).
So if a season lasts for 56 days (8 weeks) then in average a player should only get around 336-392 horns.

Assuming the player can also enter 2 PvP tourneys (open & restricted) consistently each week (for 8 weeks), the player will get additional 6 x 2 x 8 = 96 horns.
(It’s safe to assume that an average player will be unable to enter elite tourney consistently for 8 weeks in a row and the most realistic target at the moment for average player is to obtain 5 weapons with different colors)

In total a player should get around 432-488 horns per season.

Since one battle pass tier requires 30 horns, then a player should be able to reach tier 14-16 of the battle pass for free.

Using these assumptions, if you want to purchase a Battle Pass, you’ll need to spend:
500 crowns = USD 10 for purchasing the battle pass itself.
150 gems (each tier can be bought with 150 gems) x 14-16 remaining tiers = 2100-2400 gems.
(In my personal opinion, it’s cheaper if you just gemming the remaining tiers, rather than gemming the daily bounties)
My reasoning: If you buy a battle pass, most likely you’ve purchased the VIP pass too - since VIP pass is the more rewarding one between the two so I don’t think you’ll be so desperate to get extra keys from Daily Bounties anyway.

However bear in mind too that when you complete a Battle Pass up to tier 30, you’ll get 6 x (200+50) gems reward along the road so you’ll get 1500 gems back.

So basically if you purchase a Battle Pass with my assumptions above, in net you’ll need to spend:
10 USD for the Premium Battle Pass
600-900 gems net for reaching tier 30. (less than 10 USD if you need crowns to get the gems)

It’s just my own calculation on the Battle Pass thingy.
I know that the actual number will vary by a lot between players.
I don’t count the gems from PVP score & rank rewards too.

It’s expensive in my opinion since the only valuable item that cannot be obtained easily elsewhere at the moment is the legendary flux and rare flux (to some extent) - maybe they will drop from chests but I haven’t got one myself)

Most likely later, events in game will give us more horns so that we don’t need to use gems to get to tier 30 so that at least we can get the free side of the battle pass rewards for free - though they are actually quite awful.

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Currently, yes.

But isn’t the cost of additional bounties 50 gems each, for 1-3 Horns?

The cost of buying out a Horn in the Battle Pass itself, is 5 Gems per Horn ( 30 Horns per tier * 5 Gems each).

Yes, there is some additional “Gem Value” for the keys in each additional paid Bounty. Unless, I’m missing something completely obvious here, it appears to be far more economical to just buy Horns directly from the Battle Pass, if one pays for the Campaign Pass (big disclaimer).

Plus, as an added bonus, the Gem rewards from the free + premium sides of the reward table will mostly reimburse the player for their Gem outlays ( 1200 premium + 300 free Gems; which equals 10 reimbursed tiers on the Battle Pass).


Gemming bounties gives the entire guild more keys. Currently my guild is getting 15k every week and we hit max 18k once. Have had a couple people that finished the 30 battle pass without ever using a 150 gem skip.

It requires everyone to gem one silver or gold per day to get diamond key from the guild per week with an average distribution across the guild. Given PvP gives 1k-1.5k per week, this is something that could be set as a guild requirement if they ever add gem bounty tracking to the game, which is currently lacking.

Currently, everything in regard to Battle Pass isn’t worth it, 150 gem skipping nor the bounties to do it.


So the consensus seems to be the battle pass is just not worth it compared to vip at the moment. I know crowns are supposed to be the premium currency, but the battle pass is currently the only 100% pay walled aspect of the game.

I would be hard pressed to see the value in the battle pass because even the rare items (flux) only provides 1 flux per level.

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I got all the way through I did buy the gem ones 150 for 250 was well worth it and the bountys do help alot

they mentioned that horn can be earned from “events”. Currently there is no existing events.
I guess it will become more doable later, maybe after worldwide release?