[ POLL ] How far did you get in the Battle Pass? Round 2

Now that it is near the end of the current battle pass cycle again, figured it would be a good time to poll it once more. The first one was done here:

This 2nd battle pass is likely the last one to lack events, which among many things looks like it will be a way to earn more regular weekly horns. Data should be quite a bit different upon the 3rd one.

How far did you get in the 2nd (current) Battle Pass?

  • A: 0-5
  • B: 6-10
  • C: 11-15
  • D: 16-20
  • E: 21-25
  • F: 26-29
  • G: 30 (completed)

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Did letters in front of them this time as the poll seems to put them in alphabetical order, which doesn’t work well for numbers since something like the 1 of 11 is considered first before 6.

Was that mentioned somewhere? I do hope that is so, that at least bridges this huge gap in Battle Pass completion.

I answered E: 21-25 but I will finish just barely at 21 based on my estimate of the next 3 days.

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The game itself since the start of early access.

Unless you mean events itself, which was leaked multiple times, though all locations I believe have been deleted.

I meant whether it was confirmed that events give Horns. It certainly makes sense, I was just wodering if they had said so explicitly. Was more a question out of curiosity, all good :slight_smile:

The game itself since the start of early access.

ah ok, I see it in the Battle Pass description, sorry brain fart. Gotcha! :slight_smile:

I’m currently on 14 but should make it to 15 before the end. I have only used available options apart from buy one Gold I spotted for 25 gems. I’m pretty sure I did similar last cycle.

I am at 29 and should easily hit 30 by reset. This is the first time I have managed to get this close and I focused it for this month.

Now the question of do I pay or leave it at free.

Events make quite a difference. Finished Battle Pass with 7 days to spare.