Quest Pass - something is not right - 3 or 4 weeks?

So I did a little counting. Quest Pass gets you one step up each 100 points, right? And there are 50 reward steps in it, so we need to get 5000 points to get to all the rewards…

You won’t be able to get to step 46…

It is for 3 weeks, and it looks that it IS MEANT TO BE 4 weeks - assuming that Epic quests stay for whole period:

Can we have someone expain what is going on?

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We discussed this a bit in the patch noted thread; assumption is that the Quest Pass was already active (Cyrups image showed the Quest Pass with 21 days 20 hours remaining), so we joined the Pass mid period. Once this Pass is over in 20 days, the next Pass will likely be the full 4 weeks. Obviously the issue here is that no one should spend money on this first pass as you will not be able to max out the rewards (assuming all numbers hold)

Well, I still do not get why this could not start today? This is 4 weeks pass or monthly? Sorry, but in my calendar most months last longer than 4 weeks. So what is the thing in here? We well have like “empty” days each month now just for it to start on 1st day of the month? Or why it had to start in the middle? Didn’t you deply the patch - like - today?

Second thing - if somehow you could not move the date of the start then why did you not think about just adding 1k points for each player? I know this is not much, but it may boost the sales of the pass, and it would make players happy and those who will pay will have a fair deal?

Of course these are only my opinions. It will be as you designed…

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This is entirely speculation on my part but I think it is the result of:

  • The update was probably originally planned to be released later when the prior Battle Pass was concluding
  • Timed events are typically deployed in the background on such a way that they can the be turned on when chosen
  • There was probably other content planned to be released in 0.39
  • For whatever reason they weren’t going to make that deadline (holidays, etc.)
  • They decided to go ahead and release something even though it wasnt the full desired update

I suspect that this is why they weren’t prepared to send out the remainder of the prior Battle Pass rewards because they probably intended it to run its course and the new Battle Pass would have then started.


We got this - yay! And now it makes much more sense.

There is another issue that I am seeing with the Quest Pass. The graphic representation of rewards for completing each quest makes it seems as though one receives the number of horns listed next to the horns.

But, since the entire quest pass is 100 horns, and a reward for defeating 500 enemies is 250 of something, next to a horn, doing any other activity would be moot.

Also, what are those numbers, next to horns, tallying to if not total horns one will earn?

The entire quest pass is 5000 horns, comprised of rewards every 100 horns (which I think is where you’re seeing that 100 number).

Something is off with the set up for points totaling with this quest pass. There is still over 6 days left before reset and I already maxed it out and reached lvl 50.

Meanwhile, I still have 3 unfinished weekly quests totaling 190 points, and another 6 days of daily’s, so that’s another 390. All of my Epics are done. So, its seems this new pass was set up so that one can finish it even without finishing all of the Epics and its not necessary to get 5000 points to get the max reward.

I am guesstimatting, but it looks like that to get max reward only about 4400 points are needed.

You were given a free 1,000 points due to the shortened timeframe to complete the pass. The 1,000 points were likely more than you would have earned completing all daily and weekly quests for one week.

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Thanks, that explains the inconsistencies.

Yeah, my assumption (based on nothing, heh) was that they gave us more than we would have gotten in a week, because we also had one less week to complete the epics.