[Reported] Epic Quests Completed (Without Me Doing So) With No Rewards

Until yesterday it’d been a few months since I’d last played PQ3 (I stopped playing around December 25 2022), and I’ve since (actively) played for… a few hours?
So, when I went to look at my quest pass, collect a few rewards, check if anything was different and what I had left to do, I was surprised to see all the epic quests ticked off, as seen in the pic below:

Notice I’ve yet to unlock rewards higher than level 5. That’s what, a couple epic quests worth of exp?
Now I’ve done enough to complete some of the epic quests (open 3 diamond chests, finish all 6 challenges in a day, reach tier 4 in a tourney and likely some others), but since the epic quests are already completed for whatever reason, I can’t complete them again and claim the rewards I would earn, which should’ve got me to at least the tier 10 rewards.

As far as I can tell this is a bug as there’s no way I’ve done all the epic quests, and even if I have I haven’t received anything from completing them…

I’m playing on PC mostly, Windows 10.

Also it would’ve been nice to come back to the turn 0 pvp problem being fixed!

Hey @Personal_Joke

What was your name code and I’ll get the team to look into your account data to see whats going wrong here.


Cheers :slight_smile:

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Could you also submit a ticket, in case I have any further questions so I can just reach out directly - also in case there is any account sensitive information needing to be shared.

Can do, and done :+1:

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