Block needs some change

Block affect both block chance and block damage reduction. This makes block almost negligible at early and mid game then suddenly becomes more and more important later, and make players frustrating when fighting high-end monsters which always have over 750 block.

A simple solution: make block only affect block chance (=0.1% per block, as ever) . Change the damage reduction to a fixed number (for example, 40%) and increase it with power and block(flat increase. Block is more effective than power), and gear attributes(percentage increase based on actual damage blocked).

Solid give multipler to reduced damage(1% per level), not overall damage reduction percentage.

Example of formula above:
attack with 50000 damage blocked by an enemy with 750 block and 4000 power:
It should take (20000 + 750*5(block effect) + 4000(power effect) =27750) less damage compared to 37500 less damage with current formula.

If an enemy with 150 block and 100 power is hit by 50000 dmg attack and successfully blocked, it should take 20000+750+100=20850 less damage, compared to 7500 less damage.

Block damage reduction is still capped at 80%.

P.S. Make block able to prevent spell damage (25% base reduction) should be a good idea too.

IMO spell damage 2.5 is already so paltry 2.5 that making them blockable would be insult to injury 2.5.


I like how much thought you have given to this, but to be honest I don’t see current block workings as a problem. What you suggest would make life more difficult for beginner players and easier for late game players, which doesn’t make much sense to me. I am also against blocking spell damage, it is already far behind skull damage without nerfing it even more.


This change will make early-mid game block stronger and late game block weaker. It also make block growth more flat and smooth rather than exponential(which means you gain almost nothing when low block and gain far more when it’s high. And, no one like 800 block monster block almost all your skulls). So it’s actually go opposite of yours IMO.

About spell block… Well, seems many ppl don’t like it. But I foresee that spell may crit in future, and there re so many spells can one shot ppl with ease, so its may be necessary.

Wards are basically spell block.

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