[REPORTED] Block Chance and Block Damage Protection Stats are incomplete AND Citadel Block % may not function correctly

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What were you expecting to happen, and what actually happened
When reviewing character stats from either the Stats view or the combat stats view, Block Chance and Block Damage Protection do not correctly reflect all active inputs leading to an incomplete value.

In this view, Block Chance and Block Damage Protection reflected in the Stats view only takes into account Perks such as Guard (increase to Block Chance) and Solid (Increase to Block Damage Protection). The Totals in both are the sum of the Guard and Solid Perks on all equipped gear.

  • Block Chance is supposedly modified by Citadel points put into Block Chance (in my case I have 5% Block Chance). I am not able to confirm whether the issue is that the additional Block Chance granted from the Citadel upgrades is not reflected in the stats or simply not taken into account at all since the % increase is too small to easily test through gameplay inference.

  • Block Damage Protection is modifed by the Block Value of the equipped shield. Through my testing I believe I have confirmed that every 10 points of Block Value confers 1% of Block Damage Mitigation. For instance, with the following shield equipped:

I regularly mitigate ~39% of damage from incoming hits (I tracked this for 50+ comparative fights). My Perk Block Damage Protection is 15%, leaving a consistent 24% unaccounted for. My determination is that it is the result of taking 235 / 10 = 24%. I have tested this with two other shields with varying Block Values and have consistently received (Block Value / 10)% protection as a result.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Always; Always

Steps to make it happen again
Equip a shield, increase Block chance from Citadel upgrades


I had the same thoughts you had regarding the citadel block perk and block chance.

As far as I can ascertain, the perk is really Block Amount and has nothing to do with Block Chance. Also unsure if this is a bug, or a simply a mislabel of the perk.

While on the topic of citadel perks, some of them could really use a rebalancing. One would think that the limited perks (50 max points) should be more powerful than the unlimited choice for each perk point. In many situations, the unlimited choice is vastly more powerful than the limited choice equivalent (ex: why would a player invest 50 points in Extra Health for +10% more life, when investing those points in Vitality yields +100% [50 * +2%] more vitality effectively doubling base health???). Maybe this should be broken out into its own topic for visibility.

Good point; the Citadel bonus is simply labeled “Block” with a %. If it has the same characteristics as “Block” as used as a term on a shield, then the terms are misaligned (as Block on a shield confers a %, but as a function of its Block numerical value) and clearly not functioning as my Block Damage Protection that I tracked using my Savior’s Shield should have been 44%, instead of 39%. If the intent is for it to function as damage protection, then it should be labeled as such.


Thanks for providing what is likely the base block calculation; very much appreciated.

This makes me wonder what the max block rate is, because of the following:

  • Max Shield Block Amount: 258 (25.8%)
  • Max Citadel Block Amount Perk: (50.0%)

That’s 75.8% right there.

Add in a a few gear pieces with Legendary (+4% per) or Mythic (+8% per) Solid atttributes, and reaching 100% Block Amount is quite feasible with room to spare for other gear attributes. Probably not intended, but still obtainable.

Hey all,

I raised this thread with the development team.

The core of this issue could potentially be a visual issue, where Block does increase Block Amount/Chance, but it doesn’t show the buff. Possibly some inconsistencies in what is being displayed.

But this has been reported!

I don’t have more information at this stage.

Jeto - Support Team Human :woman_mage:t2:

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Hi @Jeto and @Sibelios ,

I stumbled over something relevant to this thread this evening, combing through my pet list. The pet PvP spell effect for Gryph states:

Sounds like you were right, Jeto. It looks like it is a visual issue and “Block” does increase both Block Chance and Block Amount.

To be clear then on what is being reported: If the Citadel Bonus of “Block” % contributes both to Block Chance % and Block Damage Protection then the issues are:

  • Block Chance % as modified by the Citadel bonus is not correctly displayed on the Stats screen but is “supposedly” working in effect during gameplay
  • Block Damage Protection is current unmodified both in the Stats screen and in game play effect as a result of the Citadel purpose. In other words, this function of the Citadel Block bonus is not working at all

Therefore the core of the issue is more than visual.

As an aside, the “Block” value as named on shields should be rethought because it does not function the same way as “Block” on the Citadel Bonus or “Block” on the minion as @Lyrion describes.


Got an update on this one, the team have begun working on a fix for this. Potentially getting some clarification on the secondary stats.

But no information on an ETA for when you’ll see this reflected in game.

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

Any updates here? Just curious

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Revisiting this again because there hasn’t been any updates but it was interesting to look at the “Block” figure for the Gryph minion in which a point of “Block” gave 1% chance and mitigation (I guess similar to how the citadel bonus should function) but a point of “Block” on a shield is supposedly giving 1/10 of 1% chance and mitigation. All so very confusing.

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Hi @Jeto,

An update on this issue fresh from 0.37 - it also affects the new Guard I set bonus. It either is not shown entirely on the character stats during a fight, or simply does nothing :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hey all,

We are aware of this still, and there will be changes made to this with the next update! This will include block chance and block reduction to the stats list, rather than just the bonus.

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:


Will there be a tip overlay included like spells and items have? I’m already level 35 and still have no idea how Block or Masteries work in this game… :confused:

@Maur, I do not have any further information at this stage but I can pass that feedback on to the team either way!

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

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I’m not sure if my worries fit, but I’m really frustrated by now. I have equipped a warden-shield that says “30% block-chance” (with a small reduction each round). I mean, there is no room for missunderstanding. “block-chance” can only mean the chance to block an attack. The first attack should therefore be blocked at least in 1 of 3 fights, not included all the other values mentioned by all of you, that should increase block-chance as well. Yet, there are no blocks. It happens in 1 of maybe 50 times, that the first attack is blocked. What is happening here? We all know how essential it is, to survive the first one to three rounds, especially me able to beat level 100 with only item-value of around 600…

From what I have seen it has been working correctly since they fixed it in a mini patch between 0.34 and 0.35.

Would still need enough reduction to make the block cause a survive, as it is still possible to both block and die simultaneously if the block reduction isn’t high enough regardless of block chance triggering.

There are blocks with reducing all damage. Rare, but happening. Why are those then?

You might be confusing Block with Barrier. Your current Block stats likely mitigate significantly less than all damage. Barriers on the other hand, reduce all incoming damage from the next source to zero.

There is a mechanic that seems like a critical block. I haven’t seen it in over 2 versions, but that is mostly because for over 2 versions nothing but barrier spam is required and it doesn’t seem to ever occur while barrier is active.

Not sure what it is based on, but the block mechanic can mitigate damage all the way to 0 without needing barrier at a really small chance. Not sure if it is known what it is based on, but it may be based on critical chance or some kind of weird calculation with block numbers that was likely changed with the higher gear stats, as personally haven’t seen it a single time since that change.

It would also explain why a few shields weirdly have the capability of gaining critical chance, but none critical damage, assuming that even effects it.

Interesting! I feel like this sounds familiar now that you have mentioned it but if it happens it’s so rare an occurrence it doesnt even register with me that it’s happened. Thanks for recalling that.