[Not a bug] Incorrect armor calculation?

I noticed something weird about my armor numbers. I did some tests and I have a feeling that either there is a bug and armor is calculated incorrectly or I must be missing something.

Here is a video demonstrating my hero without any gear and after equipping a shoulder item with 16 armor.

You have a citadel level of 122 which means you theoretically have 18 points invested in the Defense section of Citadel Level point assignments. Is it possible that you have all your points invested in +Armor? Many high level players have all their points allocated to +Armor due to kingdom defense. Assuming you have all 18 points invested in +Armor you would have +90% armor which would be: 16 * 1.9 = 30.4 (rounded to 30).


Somehow I knew you would explain it for me. That’s exactly what I have, and what I forgot to check. Thank you!


All my tough questions got to Sibelios for sure :slight_smile: